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3f carby charcoal canister

Adam Cook

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what is the purpose of the charcoal canister in the 3f land cruisers. i understand the purpose when they are connected to the tank to relieve the pressure but in the 3f (assuming mine is standard) the top of the charcoal canister is connected to the carby and the bottom goes to a piece on the firewall about an inch and a half diameter that appears to disperse air out of 3  sides


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Hi Adam, If I recall correctly, it is just a way of clearing a saturated charcoal filter element which does so by sucking the fumes back into the carb during vehicle running preventing the charcoal element from becoming clogged with evaporated fuel. This circuit is protected from dust ingress by nature of the charcoal element being between the suction and the carb.

Hope that helps.


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thanks for the reply, ive installed a dual battery system and relocated the charcoal filter out of the way. i would really like to get rid of it if at all possible. just don't know if blocking the outlet from the carby would make it build up pressure and cause dramas

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problem solved, just in case anyone else is wondering. the 3f has 2 charcoal canisters (on the 88 model fj75 anyway) one is to do what a charcoal filter would normally do and that is capture the fumes from the fuel tank until the time your engine is running and that filter is on the drivers side near the fuel filter. the other charcoal canister i was referring to (on the passenger side next to battery) serves the same purpose as the other one but is for the vapours released from the carby's fuel bowl not the tank. with the fuel vapours in the fuel bowl so minimal it's as good as gone, no other carby ive seen has this so i can't see why it is needed.

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