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2002 Prado OBD1 self diagnostics

Lone Wolf

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I have a 2002 VZJ95R Prado 3.4 V6. I recently did a long trip and it used a lot of fuel. I measured about 5km to the litre before I left, that was around town, but on the trip I only got just over 800 km from both tanks, approx 130 litres of fuel, it was 91 from Ampol. At my destination I decided to do a self diagnostics on the ECU to see if there was any codes, sensors like oxygen, MAF, etc, but when I looked at the OBD1 socket there was no TE1 pin, the self diagnostics requires the bridging of E1 & TE1, but as per pic attached there is no TE1. I rang toyota and they didn’t know why it wouldn’t be there and didn’t really know what else to do other than take it to a dealer to get the computer read.

Does anyone know if I can use any other pins to check for codes, or do I have to get a reader to check? Do I have to get a specific reader or can I use and OBD2 reader with an adapter connection? Being a pensioner I can’t afford to much and I am trying to find a way of dealing with this that's not going to cost an arm and leg.

Any info would be greatly appreciated.


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I have not seen this before on the 90 series.

Take a look under the dash in the footwell to see if there is another diagnostic port.

On various earlier Toyota models with 17 pin, the TE1 was not present in the engine compartment diagnostic connector, but was present for the inside under-dash connector.

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For what it is worth my 90 series prado (2000 model) petrol with vzj95r engine is throwing the check engine light. My prado has the same plug in the engine bay as lone wolf pictured above. I looked under the dash as suggested above, there is indeed an obd plug on the lhs of the drivers side footwell. I plugged my obd2 scanner in and downloaded a free scanner from google play and had to click the correct protocol (eobd or obd from memory). I turned on the wifi on on my phone and it did connect and showed me a fault code! so it does work!! cheers

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