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Kakadu GVM


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Help/advice please!!

I have just purchased a 2021 Kakadu which has bull bar/extra battery and now have my kids car seat, roof racks on board too.

took it over the tip scales and it came in at 2,680kg with myself, missus and our son…which is as many people as we plan to carry..

BUT fuel tank was not full

AND it’s the model with 150l tank so 150kg capacity/potential.

we are picking up a newly ordered caravan with 2,450kg tare/ 3,000kg max which I therefore assume will add a 245kg-300kg tow ball weight to our Kakadu’s gvm…is this correct? As if so we would be well over with a full tank of fuel and then surely we are un-insurable even if we don’t fill the fuel tank?

looking for advice before i ditch the Kakadu for a Landcruiser or Defender!

I could remove the bull bar ($3,000) and remove the 3rd row of seats ($300) to come up with an other 75kg or so but doesn’t seem worth it….any advice/thoughts?



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