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Aurion "wobble"

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Hi all,

Last weekend I became the proud owner of an Aurion zr6 2008. Looks great and the engine and trans seem to be in good condition. It has 220,000km on the clock. 

It does have one issue though that's bugging me. It has a slight wobble... All the time. It's not coming through the steering and the rate or wobble is directly proportionate to the speed of the car.

I had brand new wheels and tyres put on the day I bought it. They were balanced and aligned. 

I haven't taken it to my mechanic yet but I will be this week. Hoping to get some advice from the community before I do as I'm not mechanically minded. 

My friend thinks it's the left rear trailing arm bushing 🤷🏻‍♂️ sounds plausible.



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