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  1. seeing as my own post got me no-where i'll try here =P i wanted to know if they still make older body kits.. i have a 91 (or 92) supra, OR ... can you put say a 95 model body on my 91?? or would that just be weird?? plus im looking to get the engine re-built too. anyone know a good place in perth ?
  2. Howdy guys. Finally found a decent WA toyota club... ive just purchased my supra!! its a 91 gt model. (till i save up for a newier one) but id love to know somewhere to take it to be looked after... but im also wondering about body kits... cause its an older model can you still get them? or is it possible to say put a 95 body kit on my 91 model??? or would it just look weird? suggestions would be appreciated =)