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  1. Cool, you bringing your Datsun? You know it !!!
  2. Looks good john Hopefully get it to check it out in person soon !
  3. Ill try and come to the next meet its been way too long!!
  4. Twas indeed a very sad Panda
  5. Well its been quite a long time since i've updated this so here i go. Drove the panda around for heaps never missed a beat ended up fixing little bits and bobs on it. This car was going to be a car i kept forever but sadly one night i went for a drive with mates to berowra waters (never been before) drive down was ok went fishing etc the drive back up though went pear shaped and uhm well. So i ended up rebuilding another just basic not as fun as panda still got it but i don't really drive it now. Drove the ke for a bit then sold it So now im saving for a new car.
  6. well its been quite a while. News i guess ended up selling the ke, lost interest in her so sold her onto a mate of mine hopefully he finishes off the build by putting a 4age in her. I didn't really do much to her engine wise.
  7. Bit of a late reply but yeah man was heaps good to meet you but sadly she doenst look like that anymore :( Also a couple of guys tonight on homebush strip I was in my keto sorry I didnt stop was hell tired just wanted to get home
  8. Just apotted jeffy and cductn pulling out of auburn maccas didnt even realise this was on :/ might need to jum back n more
  9. Last night a silver stivo dropped on blue rims full lip kit at homebush i think ive seen ur car at an eomm
  10. Thanks a lot Luke, appreciate it ;) Way of ahead of ya Sean, except for the wheels part.. go crazy and get stretched steelies yeaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!
  11. Better start piling trd goodies and sexy wheels just like ur rolla John :P
  12. I foooooooooooooooooooooorgot it was on fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu :(

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