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  1. Now to wheel news, yay... I fitted a spare which I found almost new and bought the new cover and bolt so it's nice and secure, also picked up a brand new in box stock rim for cheap and what I have been looking for for ages, 17" STi rims, cant wait to fit these. Haven't weighed them but I'm sure they're not that much lighter if lighter at all, same offset as stock but half inch wider... Bought tyres which I didn't need but took advantage of the Bridgestone promotion a while back and got Potenza RE003 for $500 all four fitted, that's a bargain and these tyres are brilliant I must say, on my stoc
  2. They will sit in a further 23mm than stock rims so check how much room you have in there, also depends what size tyre but I think will scrub inside. I think Subaru wheels have a 54mm centre bore and Toyota have 60mm so if that's the case then no, I've thought about that fitment as well.
  3. YOU WILL REGRET IT........ Been following this car all over the net for years, I'd keep it because to any one else it's JUST a Corolla so finding top dollar could be hard, just saying, that's if you need it but again without knowing your situation I say KEEP IT, I wish I listened to my own advice :( Congrats on the Aurion as well, excellent choice indeed ...
  4. Greetings all and yes it's been way too long :( Our end of the month meet for July is actually Saturday August the 1st.... I'm hoping to make this for sure, so hopefully see you guys there, old faces and new ;) NEXT MEET 1/8/15 .... See first post ....Thanks .... John ;)
  5. Hey Alex they're all white/clear, that one pictured might have been tinted red or the only other replacement that I know of is from Valenti, also I think Garax make them.. The same light is used on other Toyota's but not sure which models exactly, some vans, hatches etc .... http://valentijapan.com/products/lhmsl_toyota1.html
  6. The usual cosmetic mods, of course, hubcentric spacers for show, Grazio blue mirrors, engine cover and a few more things. and a genuine TRD gear surround
  7. Gas/oil rig workers? :PWelcome back mate. Haha nothing like that Trent, congrats on being a Mod too,thanks for the welcome :) Thanks man, you been gone a while too. Just four Jeff
  8. Greetings all and HOLY CRAP I can't believe I've been off for nearly 6 months, terrible Muriel ..... I see a fair few new members, a few new rides and new Moderators, nice :) Been really slack with the meet thread too sorry. Few new mods to the car but nothing major, and yes wheels too. Still have the Corolla after a couple of buyers screwed me over so I'm keeping it, also my Son gets his L's in a couple of months and he wants it as his first car.. Updates soon and nice to be back.
  9. Anybody want it ? $15000 as is with mods listed on pg 1 Feel free to PM any questions... Yes it's MINT :)
  10. Excellent, thanks for that, looking forward to seeing your new rims, oh and more pics....:)
  11. OK cool, I was going to get the foam insert but it says it's a replacement for the removal of full size spare, does it fit in the rim?
  12. Congrats on the tasteful mods and super cleanliness of the car.. Very tidy.. Like you I have just picked up a spare wheel and in the process of ordering the raised rubber liner ,lock bolt/plate. Have you bought these too? Reasonably cheap but the other mat which sits under the rubber one is way too pricey. have you bought it or cut the original ? Or just haven't bothered?
  13. Haha no none of the above,thanks for noticing the car too ;) Thank you, much appreciated Mitchell.. See you in your thread shortly... I just picked up a spare wheel as well,finally.
  14. Haha I see what you did there, I'd love to keep proving it but that's pretty much it, no less clothes in the others ;) Welcome back stranger and congrats on the car. Yep another dash :D Whenever your ready, if I can help out I will for sure.

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