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  1. I haven't had a full day off since the Easter long weekend (and before then my last day off was January 21). It's been an extremely busy year.
  2. Can't comment on the amount of outputs on the back of the unit but you will definitely want to put in an amp to drive any speakers you put in. My first install was stock unit and upgraded speakers and there simply wasn't enough juice.
  3. Hint: Money. Time. Heartache. Pick three, in big quantities.
  4. Neither would anyone who lives in QLD, SA, NSW, ACT or Vic.
  5. I can't comment regarding the transmission but: 1) I am assuming you mean brake fluid change. Brake fluid should be changed every 2 years (or every 50000km or so) as the fluid will naturally absorb any moisture and hinder it's ability to work as it should. 2) The 2az-fe has a timing chain so you don't need to have that serviced. 3) Of course the unlicensed guy who has worked for Toyota for a little while and operates out of his garage at home will ask for less. If it smells bad; it probably is.
  6. Speaking of which, Anthony recently replaced his BC coils with some Koni struts and King SL's and he's pretty much eliminated his axle-tramp apparently.
  7. Fitting an LSD on an Aurion from factory is a terrible idea from a cost point of view.
  8. These additives will not be enough to do the job. That is something you use after once you have them cleaned up first. I have been informed (by a reliable source) that the injectors for the 1mz-fe do not respond well to ultrasonic cleaning. He said getting an on-board injector clean is the way to go. I had Lube Mobile do an onboard clean for $199.
  9. Massive loss to not only the TOCAU community but also anyone who knew him. Such a kind, generous and genuine person. Right from the moment I met him at the 2010 Sydney Annual Meet and every other time we crossed paths; he never changed. But for me the memory of Pete will linger on. Terrible puns, satire, QI and The Who's - Won't Get Fooled Again are a bright reminder of a top bloke who was taken far too early. Rest well big man.
  10. Parts often as not are not in stock and a 14 day turnaround for a not-in-the-country part is quite good. Every part that I've ordered that has had to come from OS has been 6 weeks. Brake fluid replacement (often referred to as a flush) requires the removal of the old fluid and replacing the new fluid which isn't as simple as topping up the reservoir with new brake fluid. A brake fluid flush is important so you really shouldn't skip it. http://www.gadgetonline.com/BrakeFlush.htm

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