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  1. its weird how WA can be legal but the rest of us is illegal.. it doesnt make sense...
  2. we for starters its a highway not most people will drive 110 all the way.. here and there you will go over abit. police are in the bushs trying to catch you out.. so the radar helps you by slowing down... its not bad, its legal in W.A ..
  3. so what if your driving from sydney to brisbane? is it worth having one?
  4. how about cobra ? is that brand any good?
  5. oh its illegal... guess thats the end of that
  6. sorry this is the link to it and its the 9th one :)
  7. Hi Guys, i just brought this radar V9 Radar from ebay, it comes from china do you think it will work in australia? has anyone had a simular product or know how to use one? can the police detect these radars? the description .Full coverage of X, K, Ka, Ku and Laser operating bands .Build-in 360 degree high sensitive radar receiver .LED display screen .Reduces falsing in urban areas with Highway mode and City mode settings; .Smart mute function with City and Highway modes .LED Display .Support MTK GPS Navigator, can be intergrated together .Alert voice remind you when it detects the radar/laser detector .Easy to install .Voice is adjustable; .Brightness is adjustabe; .Longest detection range is 800 meters .A good companion when you are speeding .Multi-alert language available, English, Russian Product Parameters: X: 10.525GHz+/-100MHz K: 24.150GHz+300MHz-1000MHz Ku: 13.450+/-100MHz Ka: 33.400GHz--36.000GHz Laser: 904mn+/-33MHz Power: DC12V Currency: 130mA Color: Silver Environment Parameters Operating Temperature -25'c~ C22+75'c Storage Temperature -20'c~ C21+70'c Operating Humidity range 45%-80%RH Storage Humidity range 30&-90%RH Atmospheric pressure 860MBar-1060MBar
  8. i went to unbrella tint , they did a great job for 180 would recomend you guys to go there im very happy thanks for your help
  9. Hi guys, i want to tint my aurion windows for a resonable price and good job.. could any suggest where i should go ..
  10. will it stick to the car if i leave if for long?how come need to be dry and spotless??
  11. thanks for reply vip yeh i rang up carbra they told me will cost 409 dollars.. its that worth it?
  12. when i had a 08 aurion first look at the new aurions i never liked it ,but later when you own it then it keeps looking better and more beast... inside is just way better then before, feels greater and i think more stable.. toyota have done a great job with the aurions, i can just imagin lowing it with 20inch deep dish rims it will look insane!!!
  13. Hi Aurion gurus, im gonna drive inter-state with my 2012 aurion zr6,im scared of the stone chips and bugs that will ruin my car.. does anyone know where i can get the car bra from? toyota? or someplace that makes them. its hard to find because the car is new shape.