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  1. Dear All, Re 2006 Aurion Presara It has been a while since my last post, basically because I have had very few significant issues! The car has been awesome! I currently have a very strange issue with the settings on the AC Controller being lost. It happens after the car has been sitting unused for a while (usually overnight). When I start the car all of the AC control screens are blank (the front screen demister light is flashing) and after one or two minutes the unit starts up. I then have to push Auto and the unit gets going with 25 degrees C on both sides (presumably this is a default setting?). Otherwise the air con works great. Short periods between drives the car is fine. Long periods is when I have the issue. So far I have checked the ECU-B No 1 fuse (no fault found). I have even actually replaced the control unit itself (as I had a spare when I replaced the sat nav assembly. Still no change. Any ideas what it could be please? Many thanks in advance, Rob
  2. All done. Thanks everyone for your help. In summary I picked a compatible replacement up from a wrecker for $330.00 (like for like replacement). Installed it last weekend and found the previous owner had a pin lock out code enabled. Took it to the local Toyota dealer last friday and they reprogrammed the unit (Pin free) for $58.00. Great result in the end and happy to respond to questions if any one else has the same or similar problem.
  3. Okay, so I have found a replacement Sat Nav unit from a 2010 GSV40R Presara at a wrecker. Mine is a 2007. They look exactly the same. Does anyone anticipate any compatability issues when I replace the old one with one from a newer car? Any assistance you can provide would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Thanks Rebz for your assistance. Much appreciated.
  5. It has been some time since my last post! I own a 2007 Toyota Aurion Presara. I am currently experiencing an issue with the sat nav whereby the screen is not displaying anything at all. This started tonight. All other functions including touch screen functionality seem to be working. Could it be a screen back-lighting issue? I am taking it to the dealership tomorrow and I am very concerned about how much this could cost. Any advice you could provide on how to fix this would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks in advance.
  6. Dear all. Sorry for digging up an old thread but I need help! I have noted some diabolical problems with the alignment of my low beam HID bulb on the drivers side of my 2007 Aurion Presara. This is the auto leveling/follows steering low beam that comes with the Presara. It simply won't align in the right direction. I have trawled through all of the threads for guidance and just can't seem to fix it. I did think that I had nailed it a couple of days ago with the height adjustment but it has gone off again. Any ideas? Are any of you familiar with issues associate with the mechanism associated with this bulb within this light assembly. If so please advise options? I am currently looking for a used assembly to fault find and/or replace. Many, many thanks in advance.

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