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  1. -DAvo

    -DAvo's Aurion

    Hey guys, Sorry for the mega long depature from the forum! Things have been pretty hectic at work and at home.. All is well though! sadly as mentioned above, the car has been moved onto a new owner.... :( it was definately a hard choice to make and was very hard handing over the keys.... Thanks for the kind words guys, will still stay active on the forum and will post some pics of the new ride soon
  2. Damn i only just saw this!! Havent been out in ages!! Should make this a regular thing...
  3. Half way through my pre wedding detail! 2nd layer of Autoglym HD wax on! next step, interior!

  4. Half way through my pre wedding detail! 2nd layer of Autoglym HD wax on! next step, interior!

  5. IMO. I would have gone the other way. The egp is a sealant and in general will have better longevity than the dodo wax. Try apply the sealant Nd then layering ontop with a wax for depth. Done the same process on Mine with ag egp and ag hd wax. Results are jaw Dropping.
  6. Wow. Well done! Loving every part of it :)
  7. This arrived in the mail today :) full write up coming soon
  8. Id be in for it. Cheapest i can find it is 192aud plus a fair whack for postage.
  9. lovely work mate :) can also go to your local panel shop and get them to mix up something special with lots of flake for a 6 pack :) i had mine done in black with goldish flake mmmmmm
  10. depending on how bad the spots are you may have to get a agressive glass cutting compound and polisher to work them out.. otherwise try this method 1. Wash 2. Claybar 3. apply Autoglym glass polish 4. seal in the clarity with some rain-x or similar products. hope that helps and good luck!
  11. yeah most likely.. if it was the claremont one of adelaide tce one// :P great breakfast!
  12. To paint the middle/lower part of my front lip black or leave it white... hrmmm what does TOCAU think?

    1. pezzie


      white! it looks really clean and unique

  13. Whoo! Just ordered a Canon Ef 135mm F2L! cant wait :)

  14. Just cleaned the car after neglecing it for a good 3 weeks!! :( and then it started to rain again as i was finishing up. oh well.. at least i got the 3 weeks worth of Perth winter roads off the car :) AG Aqua Wax.. you my hero!

  15. im in just for the meguiars apron :P but seriously.. a DA specific cutting compound and finishing wax? what have all the other swirl removers and cleaners that have "DA machine usable" been? would be interesting to see how the compound and wax sit up against their existing line..