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  1. Cooling panel is for prefacelift. I was in the process of making one for facelift models but never got around to it.
  2. TRD Pod Filter - $15 Servicable but has a few marks and a bit of west and tear. TRD Pod Filter - $30 near new SOLD comes with clamp, instructions and sticker. Still in plastic. Used for R and D purposes many moons ago! ZZE123 rear mudflaps -$20 One small graze on one mudflat but otherwise good condition. Screws included 2ZZGE intake gasket $5 Used but in good condition ZZE123 Rear tail lights -$100 SOLD Lights are in perfect condition and have JDM tail light mod done professionally. I think they’re facelift lights but not 100% sure as it’s been a long time since I mucked around with these cars. 2ZZGE Rocker Cover -$40 SOLD Very good condition. Comes with oil filler cap and original gasket. ZZE122/3 RBT Motorsport Radiator cooling Panel - $30 SOLD Improved version of the TRD panel. This was one of my prototypes to see how good the laser cut would be before putting into production. Has a few marks and imperfections but a coat of paint and it’s look the goods. A must have item if have modified the 2ZZ to improve airflow through the radiator.
  3. I’ve got 2 TRD pod filters for sale atm. One is used and has a bit of wear and tear but will clean up and is usable and the other is practically brand new and was only used for R and D back in the day of. Sportive Corolla being new. Message me if you’re interested...
  4. I can supply you new king springs to fit your car at a good price. Pm me for details.
  5. I can supply king springs new at a good price. Pm me for details.
  6. I can supply k sport coil overs if would like them. Pm me for prices.
  7. Springs don't really sag!! Suspension bushes sag!! Did any of you loosen the bolts off on the rear torsion housing and re index the bushes? I'm guessing not if your car has sagged!! Fit your springs then loosen off the torsion housing bolts off then just nip it back up. Go for a quick drive and then come back and tighten the bolts up. The bushes are used to sitting in a certain position then you change that position with lowered springs. You have to let the bush find its position with the car lowered. If you don't the bush is under constant twisting pressure trying to hold the car at stock height even thought it is lowered. The rubber in the bush begins to deteriorate in strength and becomes soft. That is where your "sag" comes from. It is the bushes finally saying " I can't stand the pressure anymore" and they soften and twist. Of all the king springs I have fitted over the years I have never seen a set sag more than about 2-3mm. And most of that will be the springs settling in the rubbers in the spring perches. Kings lows are 35mm drop Kings super lows are 50 drop Sportivos sit higher than 1zz by about 10-12mm and they also sit higher in the rear than the front by just on 15mm. If you want the car to sit level and handle a lot better put lows in the front and super lows in the rear. Car will sit almost dead level and handle really nice!! Remember to index the rear bushes!!
  8. From what I have been told is every rim is gutter scratched, lhs side skirt has big scrape and mark on it, front lip is damaged and paint is not in as good of condition as it was. Leather on drivers seat badly worn and someone has been smoking in the car so it stinks of ciggys. Thought has crossed my mind to buy it back but I am now rekindling the passion for the kombi and am well in the way to making it a new head turner!!
  9. Well reading this was a blast from the past!! the car has been sold again to another family member!! Condition wise its showing signs of significant wear and tear!! Shame really as it was a superb car to drive and turned heads for all the right reasons.....
  10. North's bringing a laptop so you can all watch my ride with the Hilux heroes at the Ekka. Nothing like hearing a V6 smacking the limiter lol
  11. I'll be out for an optic nerve to see what's going down in the hood.might even bring my disc brakes..... Lol
  12. Could be the exhaust is costing you low down torque. Up the revs on the launch to about 4500-4800rpm and slip the clutch of the line a bit. Gut the car and take some weight out of it! Zre's are a bit on the beefy side so get some weight out and go that bit quicker!! Reset the ecu and throw some octane booster in with minimal fuel and then go and drive it hard to let ecu relearn with higher octane fuel.
  13. Pay me 500 and I'll get the sub 16 pass you want. I'll gut the car and remove anything possible that adds weight, zaps power. I reckon I could get a 122 to under 1000kgs easy as!! Remove some drive belts and some other things and it's a definite possibility. Should I remove the wipers like a certain few on a Mazda forum?? Lol Why not hahahaha
  14. Differences between press bent 2.5" system and mandrel bent 2.5" system same car same dyno same resonators and mufflers is just under 3kw. Tested it so so so long ago LOL
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