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  1. Re: the exhaust....I know some after market exhausts on a Corolla can have a tendency to knock. The CES for example can sometimes knock where the system arches over the rear torsion beam. Search for it on here cause I think there are some pictures on how to overcome that issue, or contact Silvabullit. Cheers Aaron
  2. This might sound silly, but just check your tyres for something caught in the tread, like a stone or screw or something.... I have a Rav4 now and I remember a few months back, I heard a ticking sound everytime I turned left.... couldn't pin it and Toyota reckoned I needed to pull out drive shafts and stuff. As I returned to my car, the wheels where turned one way slightly, and I notices a rock in the tread, I plucked it out and never heard anything since.... Just a thought, sometimes it's the simple things...
  3. I agree with your thoughts Steven, and as you point out, you need to remain courtious and professional. Failing the attitude test is big tick for gaining a ticket for something you may have been able to avoid. In the Army, Military Police do not actually write a 'fine' so to speak, rather they compile 3 documents. The first is a 'Service Police Infringement Notice' or SPIN. This document mearly gathers all of the information, similar to a civilian infringement notice. This SPIN is signed by the driver not as an admission of guilt, rather as acknowlegement that the offence was detected by S
  4. I agree, and as a Military Policeman and having plans to be a civilian policeman (together with a large number for friends already in the service), I will guarentee you that there are bucketloads of instances where the interpretation of the law by the policeman at the time depends on 2 things, firstly his mood of the day and secondly, the attitude test. However, in saying that, if the basic principles of the legislation are adhered to, and you dont give the officer any grief, then there shouldnt be any issues. Being seen to speed up through the yellow light, is statistically the main reason pe
  5. No need to interpret mate, just read it....it's there in black and white... Let me spell it out a little clearer for you.... In plain english, this means: 1) If the light is RED then you MUST stop, 2) If the light is YELLOW then you MUST stop if you can do so safely I am not sure what you could not interpret there.
  6. I have an 08 Cv auto and I get about 450 - 500 with mainly city driving
  7. Most people sound like they have replied based on personal thought as opposed to actual knowlede...Try looking at the legislation, and the effort used to locate it online is actually less than sitting there making up stories. You can do one of 2 things. Either research the Road Use Act for your state, or contact your State Police for information. In Queensland there is: Section 56 of the Transport Operations (Road Use Management Road Rules) Regulation 1999 Part 6 Traffic lights, traffic arrows and twin red lights Division 1 Obeying traffic lights and traffic arrows 56 Stopping on a red traf
  8. FOR SALE 1996 ST204 Celica Silver Automatic 193000kms 2 Brand new front tyres Regularly Serviced Available to be viewed in Brisbane or Gold Coast Good Condition Registered to April 2011 $8000 Contact via PM
  9. I was just thinking the same thing Buddha. I haven't been out in ages. Funny how things change, 3 years ago, Thursday Nighters used to involve a fleet of Corolla's and an occasional Echo or Yaris, now it's full of Aurions....
  10. In Griffith? Would have to be either stolen, or a visitor....
  11. Azza may ve out tonight in the Honda.... gotta go for tea with a friend, so it depends on what time I finish
  12. The laws in nearly every state, territory or country I have driven in state that you must give way to the right (or left where driving is done on the opposite side of the road to here in Australia. When approaching a Roundabout, yes, you must give way to what ever traffic is already on the roundabout (as you would if you approach an un-signalled intersection governend by a Give Way sign. THis is why nearly every entry to nearly every roundabout in the world has a Give Way or Yield sign on the entry approach. So yes, here in Australia, by giving way to the traffic already on the roundabout, yo
  13. Here you go, I have done some research on Yellow lights on the Eastern States. General principal is the same across all 3 states.... Ref: Driving In Victoria: Rules & Responsibilities Page 27 Ref: Road Users Handbook Page 97 Ref: Your Keys to Driving in Queensland Page 61
  14. Stopping safely implies that you had ample warning to bring your vehicle to a halt without tyre skidding or sudden stopping potentially resulting in a vehicle hitting you from behind (even if they are too close). Most yellow lights will operate on a 3-5 second time delay. If you are driving your vehicle at the posted speed limit, then this would be ample time to bring your vehicle to a halt before the intersection, remembering the 2 second rule you were taught when learning to drive. Now, following the 2 second rule, if you are within 2 seconds of the intersection when the light goes yellow,
  15. In Queensland you must stop at a yellow if you can do so safely, and while the officer may not have been able to see your approach to the intersection, he would have had to have been in a position where he could see the colour of the light so he knew what colour it was when you went through. He should/would have been able to see how long the light was Yellow for the, and if it had have been yellow long enough, he'd be able to (and any respecting magistrate) work out that you should have had enough time to stop, unless he's being a prick and you entered the intersection just as it went yellow.

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