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  1. I have always been in Perth! I can post if you want anything ;) and looks like they revoked my 1000pm inbox :P let me clean that up!
  2. Hi all, have some parts sitting around from my previous car. All parts are located in WA (South of the river) and shipping is on top if you are not local. Will update with photos of actual items when I get home later 1. TRD CAI to suit ZZE12# Description Includes most if not all the nuts and bolts that you need to install the intake (any missing nuts and bolts should be easily sourced from bunnings, masters etc.) It will come with two pod filter, one of which have been on the car for a while but the original TRD filter is still fairly new. Condition Item is in good condition, it has wear under the intake where it contacts the car but is not visible from above or when its inside the engine bay. Price $200 pickup (ono) Contact Details Reply below or PM 2. Whiteline Front Strut Brace (KSB603) Description Front strut brace, bolts onto the front tower strut. Condition Item is in fair condition, a bit of paint flaking off the mounts but nothing a can of spray paint would not fix. Price $50 pickup Contact Details Reply below or PM 3. Stock Shock and Springs (ZZE122) Description Stock shock and springs for the ZZE122, travelled approx 100k. Condition Used Price $50 pickup Contact Details Reply below or PM 4. ZZE122 Dash Cluster Description White faced ZZE122 Dash Cluster with approx 117,000 - 120,000km on the clock Condition Used / Good Condition, no scratches or mark on the unit Price $150 pickup Contact Details Reply below or PM 5. ZZE12# Driver Side Headlight Description Driver side headlight to suit pre-facelift ZZE12# Condition Lens is a little murky but otherwise it's in good condition Price $30 pickup Contact Details Reply below or PM 6. Pivot Raizin Volt Stabiliser Description Product Page: http://www.nengun.com/pivot/raizin-volt-stabilizer-blue *Note - does not include earth cables Condition Fair, need new double sided tape for mounting Price $30 pickup (will only bundle with other items above)
  3. A diesel nozzle is physically larger than an unleaded fuel nozzle. You can't insert it into the filler neck and this would be a good indication that something isn't right. But most people should clearly see what nozzle they are picking up in the first place. Make a stupid mistake, you pay the price for it. Cars aren't toys and you have to deal with your problems like an adult. If you are worried about some guy from Lube Mobile 'dobbing' you/her in to her parents, then you clearly haven't earned enough responsibility to be behind the wheel. also to add to that, you'd have to lift a metal leaver in order to remove the diesel nozzle. oh man, if this guy is serious then there are simply no words to describe his stupidity but if he is trolling at least we know he isnt as big of an idiot as it seems.
  4. Dude, the cheapest i saw was a each at autobarn for 50 bucks. Im after cheaper ones. I got leather seats. just worried it might not fit..

  5. this looks a little suss to me, pic?
  6. spotted noogstar on ranford road (near waratah) last night.. also spotted cypher at southlands
  7. hahaha, indeed...well spotted! Spotted Jay, well his car, parked outside his house this morning. yeh was at uni til late last night so had to park outside so my sister could go to work. you should have stopped and given my car a wash jayme PEE ON IT !!!! xD
  8. Go ahead and delete the past 3 comments by me, the first two were trying to split up a message that "apparently" could be sent by PM, which is now sent.

  9. Hey, My apologies about the bonnet thing, I only saw a small image of it, so I thought that it was CF...

    I've been looking into some Bi-xenon H7 headlights... I'm thinking about using the same ones as Chicken is planning on using (coincidentally)

  10. I was sending him messages, and linked him to the bi-xenon projectors I was planning on using (the Infiniti FX45 / FX-R Lenses).

    He stated he's

  11. when one of my headlight was playing up? haha... i gave the ballast a good kick and its working now xD
  12. jeff! where is your gold bars! come on now :P dont be shy... you know you want it.. free bumppp
  13. ooo this is going to get a little to get used to :) wont say not to changes thou! its way overdue! now how do you moderate :S
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