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  1. Ordered, Paid and waiting!

    1. master.Cuong


      let me guess its an 86 :P

  2. Sorry for the delays peoples, ive had a hectic few weeks with issues galore... please be patient.
  3. Again, great work! What do you think of the white colour of the rings tho? My thoughts are put tiny balls of blu-tak on the smd lenses as a simple mask, and paint the rings sliver to hide them a little more.... removing the blu-tak once the paint drys obviously! :D
  4. is so effen exhausted, trawling thru Rakuten im seeing double of everything! Hooraaahh for a day off this weekend.

  5. twenny twen twens arrived for the black soccer mum car today :)

    1. juvenile


      Wow 20" on a Nimbus?? They better be chromies

    2. dutchie101


      Yep, cast iron chromies, and im painting the nimbus mica purple! :D

  6. first pair of 20's cleared Melb Customs, should be here early next wekk!

    1. juvenile


      20" ? are you maaad ?

  7. Nice work yet again. May i suggest and arrow type arrangement for the mirror leds? You doing parker whites and orange in the mirror cover lens? :)
  8. If I decided to keep my zr it would have been the next step....
  9. IPF - X series 2400k deep yellow fogs ftw! Simply stunning...

  10. The unit is fine Peter, Check your PM's.... We will get to the bottom of the issue :)
  11. Got a pair of my Nitto NeoGen ZR 20/225/30's... waiting on the 235/30's
  12. Oh John, I dig the JDM blacks but BBS will forever rule in my eyes... ^_^ I like your new parts! lol Also have an amp or two if your needing one...