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  1. Big Pete was one of the most friendliest members I have met from the forum here. He was always willing to spare his time to help others and to spend some time with you. I remember all the times I had travelled to Sydney and he would always extend such kind hospitality to make sure that I would have a good trip. He was such a kind soul and this is something that I will always remember him for. Rest in peace big fella.
  2. Really? Really?? Really??? Extractors/Headers MWR 2GR-FE parts Not trying to invalidate the figures or cast doubt, but just mentioning this so that others don't get misled. Correct me if I'm wrong, but those power figures of 200kW + at the wheels was on a DynoJet or similar dyno right? I'm not going to argue the way it works, but I personally have seen figures from these dynos stated to be higher than what a Dyno Dynamics dyno would show. For comparative purposes, since the Dyno Dynamics dyno is more common here in Australia, I think the best example of what figures to expect would be to look at Chris' Aurion (00UCH) which has these exact same headers: 00UCH what a Aurion!!!!
  3. They are basically trying to get the bypass to close quicker meaning boost comes (by having the bypass shut quicker) on quicker and/or is not boost cut. There is no gain to be made here on the TRD Aurion. We do not have any electronic boost solenoid that overrides the supercharger. Our vacuum bypass is purely there to bypass the supercharger at times where there is no increasing load on the engine such as idling or when cruising on the highway. As for getting the bypass valve to close quicker, get someone to blip the throttle while you have you head in the engine bay watching the valve. You will see just how fast it can move. The vacuum actuator anyway is different to the one specified in the guide you have posted. There is only one inlet to it and no outlet. At the end of the day, you will be kidding yourself in any situation if you think you can easily get more power out of the TRD.
  4. Says the one who spent $500 or so on a pair of headlights that do jack s*** to performance :P
  5. Stock TRD rotors and pads especially are good at what they are designed to do. The pads however end up being really hard wearing and wear down your rotors much quicker than certain aftermarket pads. I suggest you look here first: TRD Aurion brake options I am currently using the Hawk ceramic pads as suggested in the thread there. They have good stopping power and a recent day at the track showed they held up really well with no fade during the heavy braking at the end of the straights. The biggest positive I have to say about them though is that they really are low dust. Compared to the stock pads and even worse... Remsa pads, these produce less than a quarter of the dust. Rotors... personally all I can say is stay away from RDA. They are rather "soft" in my opinion. They do the job, but I personally believe that you get what you pay for and spending a little more on DBA will get you a higher quality rotor with better life.
  6. Point exactly. So had you have had an opportunity to bid on this, how would you like it to be advertised here to increase the amount of bidders? I guess the original intention of this sub-forum was to help people find those rare and odd finds on eBay that you typically don't come across. At the end of the day, all eBay auctions are fair game, but you have to think about what it is you're posting and who it is you are really helping.
  7. I'd have to agree with Trent. Really not helping others grab a bargain at the end of the day by posting here. This sub-forum really was a bad idea.
  8. Blue is so generic though. Nothing wrong with being a little different. At least it is underlined. That is standard practise too.
  9. Mine was a one off payment of $2195. Considering I have now had them for nearly 5 years, they pretty much pay themselves off in comparison to an annual fee of $440.
  10. Either way, the combination you provided (taken anyway) and the ones Chris provided have the same annual fee. Edit: I looked up the wrong combo. Has an "S" instead of a "5". Scrap that thought I had.
  11. $440 a year to have those plates. Wow. That's crazy. If you are going to pay such a price per year for plates, why not get something more meaningful to yourself and not the car?
  12. Yeah. If these guys can go without, then why not. I take no responsibility if you actually think I'm serious.
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