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  1. Might be a chance dixie has upgraded his phone in the three years since he had the issue 😉
  2. Yeah, no negatives whatsoever towards daily driving
  3. Good to know, I haven't been contacted so wasn't sure if I'd be covered by it, I'll get onto it now!
  4. That noise is usually caused by a worn coupler, which is located in the snout. However, it's also possible that it's the needle bearings (also in the snout) that are a bit worn.
  5. 7zip is your best option; https://www.7-zip.org/download.html
  6. Could be the tensioner pulley. Maybe take the belt off and give that pulley a wriggle and turn it a bit by hand, if there's play then it definitely needs to be replaced. Hopefully it's that and not a different bearing.
  7. I found the same issue with my '07 ZR6, asked about it here and someone suggested it was a problem with the boot seal. I haven't checked since I gave said seal a bit of nudging, but I really hoped that did the trick. But out of sheer curiosity, does yours happen to also have a sunroof?
  8. https://toyota-general.epc-data.com/camry_aurion/ or http://www.toyodiy.com/parts/q_G_2014_TOYOTA_AURION_all.html Might be able to help you with being able to search by the VIN
  9. Do you know if they only looked at the transmission, or did they check the wheels & CVs as well?
  10. I've read that upgrading the front brakes to Kluger twin pot calipers is the go, with larger discs. I've got them sitting out back, waiting for me to clean them up, give 'em a service and a lick of paint, and then I'll stick them in. Oh yeah, giving the transmission an oil change too. Flushing it and filling it with fully synthetic made for smoother changes in my departed TRD. Another job that I'll do at the same time as the brakes, which I'll do when I get a new CV joint, since my current one is shot haha haaaa sigh
  11. Hi all, Has anyone replaced the drivers side inner CV boot before? And how much of a bugger of a job is it to do? Suspect I have a small split, and get a bad feeling it's been there for a while. Any tips on checking if the bearings etc are fine?
  12. 07 Sportivo, same thing, filter shows. Odd design, but it's water tight so I'm not overly fussed 🙂
  13. Oooof, that's one sexy unit! Is there a noticeable whine when you give it the foot?
  14. Absolutely loving this thread, really keen to hear if the TVS1900 gives a bit more of that sexy supercharger whine over the TRD variant. Dumb question about the coilovers - you can get them without the car being lowered? I love the height my ZR6 sits at compared to my old TRD, and wouldn't mind upgrading the suspension to combat the occasional axle tramp so long as I don't lose any of that height