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  1. NEVER ! Replace a TIRE AGAIN !!!

    It makes no difference unfortunately. I had already been using it in my TRD when the dash started breaking down, and it didn't cover the stickiness either. Think of it like sunscreen - it'll stop you from getting burnt skin, but it won't stop you from dying inside :)
  2. Front Rotors/pads

    Last time I did the pads, which was on my TRD may she rest in peace, I found I could compress the pistons by hand/finger strength alone.
  3. Buying TRD Aurion

    If the engine kinda sounds like a diesel while idling, get a bit closer and confirm the rattle is coming from the s/c, which'll mean you'll want to look at replacing the coupling inside. Also, keep an eye out for the dreaded melting dash, as per the sticky up the top. If you find one where the dash has already been replaced you're laughing.

    Easiest way to work it out would be to remove one of the easy to access bolts and visit a fastener shop and get them to match it up.

    Heh, I had a mild penny drop moment at work yesterday about that evil bolt - why not replace it with a socket cap bolt? Lot easier to get a ball-end allen key up in that space, but as I haven't done the pan drop on this current Aurion of mine I can't remember if there's any limitations to doing that.
  6. Knocking

    How loud is the sound, and do you feel anything, anything at all, through any point of contact (steering wheel, pedals you're in contact with, the seat)
  7. TRD calipers into 09 Aurion GTX?

    @Darren69 snows nothing? Snow you know! :D
  8. TRD calipers into 09 Aurion GTX?

    Personally, I reckon sell 'em and buy some kluger calipers, at least the rotors will be well priced and easily found down that route ;)
  9. Front Rotors/pads

    When I was reading into it, the general consensus was that slotted/drilled rotors don't offer any performance gains, it's purely visual aesthetics.
  10. One of the first things to do would be to check that the phone itself is fully updated, might be a bug that's already been fixed.
  11. Trd aurion engine sound

    Rattle on startup, but goes away fairly quickly? vvti. Noticable rattle on idle, but lessens as you increase the revs? Supercharger coupling.
  12. 2014 Aurion Strut Brace

    But don't go for the ridiculously large diameter swaybar (what is it, 23mm?), 19mm is the sweet spot.
  13. Kluger brakes fitted to Aurion sx6

    You are the man! That'll definitely be the first thing I do when I get my sportivo back from the 'beaters. When I had the TRD the price on rotors was extortionate, so I like the sound of vastly more affordable parts :)
  14. gsv40r presara door handle sensors

    I've gotta say, I prefer the real speed being under what the speedo reports. Even though I know it's in my head, it feels damn good to lock the cruise control on the north side of the speed limit. Silly, but makes my driving experience that little bit more enjoyable.
  15. Better 2GR-FE Engine Cooling

    I'm with the others on the don't change it scope of things. But I'll respect that's not your intention, so what about setting up a mister in front of the radiator?