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  1. Cheers for fixing the picture Trent, good to know that the Tinypic app works well. I agree that the rear end has a whiff of Elantra about it, but I also see some AUDI A7 in the side profile and some BMW 7 series in the front end, especially the headlights. Even the interior looks like a mixture of BMW and AUDI. All up it's a bold yet very restrained design for a large sedan and it looks fantastic. They could've tried to be quirkily original and ended up with a swoopy mess like pretty much every new Lexus but they haven't. Deprecration for me usually means that I'm within financi
  2. trentmeyer23 knows what he's talking about. Coincidentally I have a mate who whilst driving his Lancer Evo 8 recently at a track day at Easten Creek in Sydney have his brakes seriously melt on him using stainless hoses. I wouldn't recommend them seeing how close my friend was to being seriously injured. Just my opinion anyway...
  3. You are correct GDude, the Genesis is a HUGE vehicle. As you can see by the photo, I made sure my car and my neighbours Genesis was parked exactly side by side and it's bigger in every dimension. It's truly impressive. It's awesome. The KIA Optima platinum is a lovely car with an impressive amount of power out of that 2.0 litre turbo but, I don't know, that Genesis is world class. However, keep in mind it's nowhere near as fast "feeling" as the TRD Aurion, as that Supercharger makes it feel like it's going to rip the car in half but it's still pretty quick considering it's shifting it's e
  4. The Aurion's not a small car but the Genesis makes it look tiny.
  5. Well, I'd like to announce that my neighbour has gone for the Genesis. And I have to admit I'm very jealous. I'd love to hear from any badge snobs out there try to tell me it's a $h!t box only due to the fact that it's a Hyundai. Yay for me and getting to my 100th post!! Special thanks goes to trentmeyer23. You're a good boss. 👍
  6. I've just downloaded the Photobucket app. Can someone please explain to me how it works so I can get some pics up? I'd appreciate it!
  7. I'm trying to post a photo of my TRD next to the Genesis at the car yard but the site won't let me upload again. It's telling me I can only upload a total of 0MB? Strange...
  8. Good evening Aurion family. My next door neighbor is currently looking out for a new large car to replace his aging VT HSV Senator and he just loves my TRD Aurion. He's been for a couple of rides in it and though he likes it a lot, he finds the ride way too hard and the engine a little too frenetic. He's in his early 50's and would like something classy and large. He can stretch the budget out to around the $60,000 mark so I suggested the brand new Aurion Presara. We test drove one today and it's a beautiful car, it feels almost as fast as the TRD! But, there was another vehicle there tha
  9. Yeah I thought I'd give something like that a go, I've recently used that Meguire's headlight restoration kit and the plastic lenses on the headlights came up crystal clear. May try that if the toothpaste doesn't work out. Cheers mate.
  10. Afternoon... Ok, so I've just walked past someone's SX6 Sportivo and I'm not kidding, it's one of the worse cases of "dash melt" I've ever seen. There are literally huge pools of liquid wax all over the dashboard and the centre of the dash seems to have collapsed inward with big gouges all over the place. It looks bloody awful. The everyday Aurion and Camry drivers need to be aware that they don't have to put up with this very obvious and very dangerous design fault, if their dash is disintegrating they need to know that Toyota will replace it for free. I've just spoken to the lady driver
  11. Ok new topic here we go... When I put miss320 in reverse and the camera comes up on the screen the image is extremely blurry and washed out. I think it may be oxidization of the plastic camera lens. Any suggestions of how this issue may be resolved? I'd love to get a clear image when I'm reversing. Cheers guys.
  12. All good mate, I cried myself to sleep last night though... I've also cancelled my appointment to get my TRD-4-EVA tattoo.

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