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  1. Hey guys i need your thoughts on this. i dont know much about limited slip differentials or transmissions. however what i do know is that i hate the u660E transmission in the aurion. I stumbled across what claims to be a lsd conversion kit for our transmission. http://www.tractionconcepts.com/Toyota-TRD-Aurion-U660E-LSD-Conversion-Kit-p/tcxty3217.htm
  2. Chances are im probably gonna go for it anyway. But i just got a message back from one of the blokes from agri tune. "We can tune them but the petrol tunes for these are not ready yet as we are trying to get the best from them. Shouldn't be much longer buy development is not a one day thing. " ".we are working our way through the models. "
  3. I conquer, strengthening the internals is a must in my opinion especially if you want reliable power gains. However i simply just dont have the budget for that. I was talking to my friend in regards to gaining reliable power. He mentioned something in regards to getting a custom supercharger spacer so that an intercooler can fit inbetween the supercharger and the intake manifold ( which will also require a tune). E85 is also another option because it has better cooling properties. I was quoted by independent motorsports for a e85 flex fuel conversion for 5k which includes a piggy back ecu.
  4. Indeed I am quite excited. however to my knowledge the engine and tuning of the car has been pushed to its near absolute limit, I don't think we will experience a gain of 30 kw at the wheels (and if somehow we do, it won't be reliable). The only way i believe the aurion can gain power through a tune is to throw emissions out the window and see what power gain we can get. I believe this power gain will be marginal at best. Hopefully I can have a discussion with one the tuners and we'll c what happens.
  5. So I was browsing facebook when I came across agri tuning boasting that they have the tools to tune a wide range of Toyota ecus. I thought why not ask just for the sake of asking if they can tune a trd aurion. Turns out they can ? Have u guys heard of agri tune ? Depending on how much they qoute me I might get it done.
  6. New aurions have a pre loaded differential as well. Should get better traction than the previous models.
  7. Car looks sexy man, u planning to do any other modifications to it ?
  8. farout Rebz looks awesome man, mr rob's car looks fantastic as well. Im jelly..
  9. HI guys I just needed some ideas for my next mod, and was wondering what mods have you guys done to your car. My car currently has: Mars performance, eagle eye led headlights Hid 6k for lowbeams and fog lights Custom highflow catback exhaust ( 2 inch) with stainless tips ( glenroy exhausts) 19 inch venetti racing wheels with low profile austyres slide industries coilovers ( yet to be installed) Led number plate lights K and n Cold air intake
  10. http://www.motoring.com.au/news/2010/large-passenger/toyota/aurion/toyota-takes-aim-at-cop-car-business-17915 "The police upgrades to the Toyota Aurion V6 are understood to include a new performance brake package similar to the one developed for the now defunct TRD Aurion program."
  11. Hi everyone Does anyone know if there were any differences between stock aurions and aurions driven by the police ? Im aware that in queensland there has been som of the newer models aurion being used as patrol cars and general duty cars.

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