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  1. I have 2 of this Toyota Aurions, GSV40. One is 2007 and the other is 2010. The 2007 idle timing is about 15deg and the 2010 is about 11deg. When I drive the 2007 one I can has a quick pick-up. The 2010 flees slow. Thanks
  2. Hi I have Toyota Aurion 2010 GSV40. Is there any way I can Advance the ignition timing? I have Techstreem. Thanks
  3. Hi just check, when you put the car on reverse will the LCD change? there can be 2 things to check, is it a power problem or a video fault. If you put the car on reverse and the LCD is not changing then you are not getting switching from the revering gear switch. Also just wanted to know if it picks up all the local Aust radio? and did you had to bye a new GPS sim For Australia? Or it came with one? thanks
  4. Just to let you know I did my car some time a go and the top bearings have to be changed every time you remove them. Thanks
  5. Yes that is correct. you can get King Springs from Repco get the bump stoppers from Toyota. you have to mark and also take pictures of the top plate and the springs and after the job is over get a full wheel allimemt. but mark every thing befor you start to take any thing out. also note The 2 big Camber bolts are vert tight.
  6. I have a 2007 Pesara and I changed the front struts, the top bearings and springs and bump protectors so did the whole lot. So if you are opening it to change the struts, you're best to do the whole lot.
  7. http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/TOYOTA-AURION-Front-Shock-Absorber-Strut-Bearing-/262126974142
  8. Hi Steve Toyota has to pay for the repaired. You have been looking after the full service of the car as per service manual and has all ways taken the car to Toyota for the service they have to look after you.
  9. Hi all I have a Aurion and at about 60000K I did remove the Transition oil pan and changed the AF oil. the oil looked ok but on the bottom of the pan there was a lot of mug, so I clean it and changed the filter and pan kit and new Toyota AT oil. after doing this I also put a inline AT filter to the oil coler pipes. Note befor I did the AT oil I did check with Toyota and they said never to change/service the AT. You must ask Toyota to at lest pay of of the cost of a new AT. Thanks
  10. Is this happening every time when the English is cold? Is the car parked on a hill with the engine facing up? sounds more like a fuel problem.
  11. Check the battery voltage at start and if it is low then it will not fire the spark plugs. also check the engine oil level. this is not a common fault on Aurion. also if you have OBD 2 check the error code. pls let us know how you go. thanks
  12. I have the same Mic problem in my 2010 toyota aurion presara, But I have a 2007 aurion presara and its good.
  13. I have the same problem in my 2007 Aurion and from day one I had the dash mat, but still found the dash to be sticky. The car in mostly under cover away from Sun. Not happy at all.
  14. Did you try dynamat (sound insulation) inside the car. It can help a lot
  15. you have to remove the rear seats and the side covers. To get a good speakers that will fix ok use the eclipse 6x9.