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  1. More than 10 years and 100,000km boosted on the original unopened engine, still going strong, making more power now https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZyUDaGo0EU4
  2. xs1v

    Would love to see the pictures from your 2zz into AE82 thread as I am doing a similar conversion and they are no longer showing up :)

  3. Looking for the sportivo pinouts or instructions on how to get the AC, FAN and temp gauge to work

  4. can't leak oil from the waterpump. It could be leaking from a number of places in that area, usually from the cam cover seal, but could also be from the vvt solenoid o-ring or the front timing cover to block interface (which is sealed with form-in-place-gasket/gasket goo)
  5. you will get a performance gain, good for the gain and sound. 70mm diameter seems to work best on the 1zz's, with CAI and 2.25" exhaust you can expect up to 90kw atw. Standard 1zz will do something in the 70's
  6. That's one of the worse service histories I've ever seen where they haven't actually thrown away the log book to try and hide the history... I'm very confident the valve stem seals require replacing and I'll bet the combustion chambers could do with a good de-coking also. The PCV would have been gunked up previously making the valve stem seals leak more, so replacing/cleaning the PCV would have made it a little better as it reduces the crankcase pressure on the stem seals. If you want to re-create the smoke on the road, flick it into manual shift mode so it will hold the gear you'
  7. it should fit with some trimming/bending of the sheet metal where the bend is that puts the pod in the guard in the facelift. There's less space there compared to a non-facelift.
  8. I wish you the best but in my experience, with an engine smoking that bad an engine flush and oil change will do nothing to resolve the source of the problem (Valve Stem Seals or ring problem)
  9. valve stem seals is my bet. Get it compression tested to ensure it's not a ring/piston issue and check the valvetrain isn't sludged up under the cam which would indicate poor service history
  10. welding is required for a neat intake. 2x 90degree bends and a bit of straight will give plenty of material to fabricate one
  11. less time and effort to buy one is about the only benefit if you can fabricate well and get the MAF flange right. Custom made will get you the shortest length and best route with optimal diameter
  12. might scrape in for $10K, depends on how much labour you do yourself. MWR has a good selection of parts, I'd do rods and pistons as a minimum: http://www.monkeywrenchracing.com/index.php?cPath=318&sort=2a&page=3 If you're building the motor you might aswell ditch the supercharger and go turbo instead, easy extra 100kw
  13. CES is overpriced for what it is, I make my own. The TRD is a good intake, people that have problems with it need to clean their MAF.
  14. TRD intake is 70mm, some places take the easy route using readily available 3" tube which is 76mm and then it runs into issues with the stock ECU not being able to correct enough for the change in airflow with the MAF sensor.

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