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  1. Silver is most difficult especially on the plastic bar which is a different platform to sheet metal. Normally if you just paint that you would see a difference especially in direct sunlight unless that whole side of the car is repainted to hide the section that got painted. they won't quote you the whole side they know you won't like to pay for more than necessary so they paint just that spot hoping you aren't savvy to know or tell the difference. If you do, they will spin all sort of tech and marketing to sound like there's no problem and they are right. for that I would surel
  2. Which fuse box? Did you look behind the glovebox
  3. Sorry if you follow above you either break something or go no where. Forget about the area around the radio. You pull out the the section around the vents around the hazard button. You might find yanking a gap open then using a flat screwdriver help to release the tabs. Then remove 2 bolts which hold the radio
  4. This diagram should help.youll need to install the belt back on. Not that hard but takes patience as the space is limited for your hands even using a coat hanger can be tricky. Once the belt is back on you should release the air from the tensioner. To do you pull that 19mm all the way forward then very slowly let it go back repeat that for 5 times
  5. Release the tension on the serpentine belt from the belt tensioner. There are 2 nuts on it you are after the fake but which is cast into the part. Use 19mm socket on that and pull to the front of the car. A long extension bar helps a lot. This action compresses the belt tensioner so at the same time you can skip the belt off one of the pulleys. Then slowly let go for the belt tensioner to return position. Then all it takes it taking off the belt remove it from the engine. When end you start the engine do not do it for a long time without the belt on. Under a minute. If you think t
  6. Nicely done! If you keep the car long enough I reckon you will probably get bored and the mod bug will bite and again you will be upgrading things on a already beautiful ride
  7. Hi tane do you here the sound when idling at all. You can try removing the serpentine belt and running the engine. If the sound is here that indicates it's not the accessories causing it
  8. Yours could be this http://www.mycyclops.com.au/products_alarms_p485.html achexk it out for info that may help you troubleshoot the problem
  9. The bonnet pin switch could be the issue setting off the alarm. Can you disconnect it from the system? metal pin switches are known to corrode get stuck and then give false alarms
  10. systems that can only be turned off by the little key that goes into the siren housing. The remote fob will not cancel the alarm when a serious intrusion such as a wire being cut, the only way to cancel it is to use the key into siren.
  11. That's a point I'm interested as well to know. Even if a door or bonnet switch is released the remote should cancel the alarm when it's button pressed
  12. Check the key lock. I know you may not have the key to it but you might be able to see if the lock is in a position that bypasses the siren. Regarding the lock, some of them are poorly done and can be simply picked with a paper clip which you might want to try.

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