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  1. Hi What is the best CAI for my corolla 2002 Levin --is is even worth it ? TX
  2. looking to buy one of these --? any special things to look out for ,major service intervals and how concerned should i be about mileage TX
  3. I have a corolla sx with 4AGE engine--I think it is running rich but I am told that the mixture cannot be leaned off(?) The tail pipes have a sort of fluffy black deposit in them and the thing eats fuel even if not driven hard. It is also fumey in the cabin,but not a typical unburnt ULP smell. ? Best toyo mechanic for 2nd opinion in Melbourne's east.
  4. Not unburnt fuel---sort of second hand exhaust that gives you a headache after a while---has been called "blow by" by an acquantance of mine who also suggested blocked PCV valve--except I don't think these have them.
  5. Exhaust has been completley replaced and leak tested,have sealed hatch as best I can
  6. Hi All Just had my corolla SX serviced and they suggested an engine de -coke---fine ,except that it is now fumey !!--no smoke,but unpleasant cabin fumes,has done 277K and still has plenty of poke,no bottom end noises etc ,so I am not happy. Tried additives to no avail---? best solution--? re-build or try my luck with a changeover(ie used but approved)(should read 4AGE of course! Tx

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