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  1. Well I took my original stereo out and fitted the new stereo since the stereo shop had a 2 month wait to fit it. The new stereo went in easily, radio works great, steering wheel controls work, still figuring out the GPS but I am told if I hook my cellphone up to one of the USB cables that came with the stereo I can get Google maps to work? For a cheap stereo $174 Kiwi (about $120 US) it performs very well. Still haven't figured out the backing camera, the old stereo had one and this new one is able to activate it too once i figure it out.
  2. OK most of it was user error, i had it all hooked up OK but didn't realise I had to swipe the screen lol, I was viewing a Utube video and I noticed the guy swipe the screen, and I'm going "what did he just do"? Anyhow back to the car and found mine worked the same, radio works, GPS may need to upload, backing camera which I have never used anyway fails to work as did the steering wheel controls but some of that could be settings I haven't got to yet. Cheers for your help.
  3. OK so I think I have most things hooked up correctly, I had to bodge the aerial connection as the new unit had a longer each and I couldn't get a decent earth (which I thought was the reason i couldn't get any radio) and now I have GPS which can't find anything but seems to think it is in Israel, I think this may be because I am in my own back yard and not on a road it recognises. I can't get any radio reception at all, in fact I can't find where to look for any radio stations? All I have is the 4 preloaded tracks which work and prove the speakers are hooked up anyway. I wasn't sure what to do
  4. I am used to working on motorbikes and usually can find a wiring diagram for them to follow but all the ones available on Google have bugs and viruses. Does anyone have one I can download or copy for the earlier Aurions, mine is a 2007.
  5. Oh yeah I just plugged the car radio aerial in to see where it went. Not sure about this little blue bulb thing, it looks like a bulb?
  6. Hi I spent hours checking out Utube photos and videos but none of them actually showed me what I needed when fitting an upgraded stereo unit so here is some I hope may help others.
  7. Cheers Daniel, I decided to have a good old Kiwi crack at it, I may be 63 but I can do most wiring stuff. Anyhow the replacement unit is about 1/4 the weight of the old one. I am a bit confused by all the extra wiring, I may just hook it all up and leave what dos not need hooking up tied up behind the head unit. I note some are tagged as "sub woofer" and "video out" and I don't have any flash stereo equipment on this car just a regular radio lol. Not seeing that blue thing I thought I was missing half the unit mate. Oh yeah where does that tiny blue bulb go? It has a tag on it saying BACK?
  8. Went to the stereo shop today and there is a wait of 2 months to get in to get them to do it so will have a look myself, one thing worries me, in the above photos what is that light blue coloured thing attached to the back of the face plate? I expected to be attaching my new face plate to the rear section of my original stereo?
  9. I'm really only refitting the new unit as the old one has those expensive to upgrade maps, I'm not too worried about much as long as the backing camera works and the maps are the type Google have as that is what I am used to. My older Aurion is just my retirement car (get me to retirement I mean) so it only has to do 19 more months of service for me. I fell in love with my last Aurion that got lost in a flood, this one is slightly newer but not as pretty, has less K's but has had a harder life. In the first week I had it I had to fit new front rotors and pads, swapped the mags and all the nice
  10. Hi just received my stereo unit, one question, where did you put your GPS unit for good reception?
  11. Funny enough my hopefully up-grade stereo panel arrived today, I have same set-up as you. I am of two minds whether to try to install it myself or have it done professionally. I have watched all the Youtube videos on swapping the heads over but it is still quite daunting to pull my Aurion apart. Possibly the pros will be so annoyed that I bought something from China that they may refuse to fit it lol.
  12. I purchased a 2007 Aurion to replace my wrecked 2006 one, the 2006 had a CD disc slot at the top of the stereo head but the 2007 has no slot? There is a button that is labeled DISC so I guess there should be one! I am looking at replacing this stereo system as I want better MAPS from Google but am concerned that the wiring will not be there for a CD player. Also how do I remove the stereo system from the dash, what holds it in there?
  13. I have read on here about the replacement for the old style GPS/Maps and see them advertised on Ebay for about $400, are these a direct plug and play, do they upload the latest maps from Google? The old system on my Aurion doesn't have half the streets around here and I find myself in limbo most of the time, upgrading this old system sounds expensive and requiring yearly upgrades at $300 per year.

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