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  1. just a small update on some cosmetic changes 😁
  2. well guys i headed out to roll racing again for the Apr round which turned out to be the roll racing state of origin with NSW vs QLD going on. I have posted all my clips up to youtube on my page (https://www.youtube.com/user/xoom69/) .... 11 runs in total ...... the highlight of the night for me was running a Ferrari 488 ..... Enjoy guys.
  3. Fri nights races resulted in 11win & 3 loses. Loses were rx7 2nd run... Buggered the start. EVO 9 th33vo again buggered the start. And the sr22ve 180, this was my first run & even with the tweaks there was even less traction than last month. I think the cooler conditions.... So I had to tweak my setup post this run.... I wanted to go him again but never got the chance to. Here's the videos EVO 9 330KW https://youtu.be/XacokixPDxY
  4. so i havent hit the strip but i have been roll racing .... and i have videos .... have gone in Jan & Feb and am running about 50% win rate ..... some folks have some real monsters & there i am in my little granny stroller some of the vids below and others on my youtube channel.
  5. go big or go home Trent .... ofcourse the 0.82 ..... i was considering the 1.06 but then logic & commence sense kicked in
  6. Hahahahahahahahaha yeah I've posted it up on SRC for Dan to see it lol GTX3076 @ 20 psi
  7. Lol ..... Yes after an 18mth hiatus it's back It's just fine just tighten that grip on the steering wheel
  8. Here's an update to hopefully revive the thread
  9. Yep it's black as well ..... Lol ..... Just didn't grab a pic of it
  10. BOV & waste gate both black Trent ;) ;) ;)
  11. lol ... nice one Ian ... yeah the car has been off the road for over a year now Nice Jerome .... yeah a 2zz in an mr-s is a nice setup. So more pics
  12. nice read and ride ..... always love when someones done something unique.
  13. ah man .... been ages since i've been on the forums. Well the car has been off the road for a year now ...... and as it goes with project cars ..... are they ever truely finished. Anyway there has finally been some movement on the car front and have some pics to share.
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