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  1. Thanks buddy, There are other great looking Aurions out there, (Defyant & Bangtown) There aurions a best and unique in there own ways. it costed around 17-18k
  2. Haven't posted in a long time, just been busy with work and other priorities. Here's a vid i put together, enjoy
  3. Thanks mate, Yeah wanted something different and unique, so i went for this
  4. Re did my roof lining, nothing broke. the lights are pretty nice and fancy, ive dipped the covers in carbon fiber and now they look flush and better than factory. haven't got recent pictures but check the thread out http://au.toyotaownersclub.com/forums/topic/39134-turbo-aurion-beast-mode-page-1-updated-page-21-for-turbo/page-26
  5. Looks better in person mate :) Haha nah not really. Every aurion has its own uniqueness
  6. wow. i know :) Indeed it is, and very happy too. what a difference it makes. It honestly feels like driving a whole new car and gives the car a nice leather/new car smell everytime you jump in!
  7. Custom roof lining for the aurion Guy finished it in two days. I took out most of the pieces to get it hydrodipped in carbon fiber to match my centre console. And have the smaller pieces glossed black The roof was just vinyl, padding was applied and then stitched into a diamond pattern. Sunvisor and airbag pillers have the same vinyl just not patterned
  8. What its around night time or when the sun goes down, make sure the dash is cool and not warm.. Spray 'Aerospace 303" onto the dash and wipe it off using a gentle microfiber cloth. apply 2 layers. that should protect further damage.
  9. Soon my friend :) not fussy about 1/4 mile will probably run a 12 or 13 sec
  10. Must be that forum auto-change feature... :P Has to be the only explanation lol
  11. Tell me bout it !! that back seat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Back seat is the best man :clap: :clap: Poor girl didn't know the mess she's sitting on.. lucky he has blue interior lights and not a Black UV light lol
  12. yeahhhhhh bro.. yeah im always a good guy

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