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  1. Hey do you still sell tail/head lights for 2006-08 aurions? If so whats the best way to contact u? 

    1. Defyant


      Heya mate, My mobile is 0421574274


      Cheers  Luke.

  2. Heya Adam, It's been a long time since i did this mod to my dash.... i remember just putting all the needles back to the "zero" / start positions.... as you have already noticed, they wont reset by themselves.
  3. Sticky Dashboard?

    I just snuck in..... with an 08 dropped it off today PU tomorrow Suttons @ Rockdale.
  4. Trent's Turbo Camry

    Looks PRO mate love a clean plumbing job

    Wow im still subbed to this thread :P imagine my surprise when i seen your name pop up !!!! hows life man? it has beeen a loooong time. Still driving that sexy aurion?

    Just went to see GOTG @ the ent qtr !! ended up parking in the middle of some Blacklist meet!... jesus was like a scene out of the F&F cept there was a lotta ppl smoking shisha's

    wow! heya Al :D
  8. Hello mate

    i saw you Headlights Mod, and i really liked

    how do i contact you ?

  9. Hi Defyant, wondering if you could give me some advice please.  I have a 2007 XT Forester & recently had trouble with one of my HID low beams - seems the cause is/was moisture/condensation pooling in the bottom of the light(which is where the ballast is located)  I think I've been fortunate enough not to have suffered any major/expensive damage.  i pulled the headlight apart & a dodgy seal was evident - is there a sealant that you would recommend  - I had in mind a SIKA product but I don't know which one.   I am not keen on placing the light in an oven or for that matter I'm not too keen on using a heat gun - but If I have to - the latter is preferable.

    1. Defyant


      butyl type is the best comes in roll or block form,  the better stuff is the grey colored block type, but you have heat it and knead it to work it,  The black windscreen one a roll type is the next best and works cold.

      You can usually get it pretty cheap per roll off ebay :)


      Appols for the delayed reply 


      Chers Luke.

  10. Bangers' ZR6

    Damm Drew they look AMAZING man, they are such a hard light to mod and look good, switch backs too! very cool :)
  11. Bangers' ZR6

    Jesus mate those rims on your car really goes to a whole new level! is there a more tricked out zr6 in au?
  12. Bangers' ZR6

    Puppies! wow! they look pretty serious :) how ya been man, need to catch up.
  13. Bangers' ZR6

    That roof is some sexy ***** pro lookin custom work man looks factory New speakers look the biz too!
  14. RentASpace's ST204 Progression Thread

    did i see you up near the top of bangor bypass the other day?? if that was you (with the missus) the car is looking sexy, really eye catching ! Edit, just noticed the mighty car mods sticka! yer mate that was you..... Darn shame ya lettin it go..... seriously looked nice getting along.