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  1. ***Majority of parts suits 2004 onwards FACELIFTED Avensis Verso*** Will try and answer questions best as I can but please also do your own research for fitment/suitability. Negotiations welcome. Photos to come but available on request. Item 1: Genuine Avensis Verso Front Bumper (Facelift, 1D4 Silver) Location: Sydney, NSW Condition: Brand NEW Painted Reason for Selling: JDM conversion Price and Payment Conditions: $180.00 Cash/Paypal/Bank Transfer Additional Information: 1D4 Silver. Brand new painted. Shipping: Pick Up only Item 2: Genuine Foglight Housing (Faceli
  2. Do you know where I can get a bumper and head lamps for 2006 Toyota iodine 


  3. JDM Ipsum 240S front end conversion + AME Shallen WX
  4. Related image                                         hey there i came across theses fixture and was wondering ,how can i get a a set like those 

    and what size angel eyes fit them 

    1. Jims Bond

      Jims Bond

      Hi starboy,

      There are the inserts from the factory headlights which I have taken apart and painted black.

      I am not sure what size my projector headlights were but they were a retro fit set. I will try and measure the sizes.

  5. Currently running an Eonon headunit in the Avensis. Great value for money. I bought mine off the Eonon website and I think it may have been slightly cheaper. Mine isnt an operating system type but had bluetooth, GPS and phone mirroring as the main features. Bluetooth works a treat though you may have to use the wired external mic as the inbuilt mic is a bit quiet. GPS isn't as smart as what is available now but definitely usable. Aussie map is ~$40.00 extra IIRC. One downside is that radio freq isnt as strong as factory units as a station I used to be able to tune to is now mostly static
  6. Kumho Ecsta 4X KU22's are a good alternative. I ran 235/40/18's on coilovers and they were quiet and comfy. Good grip and durable too. Not sure if they are available in your sizes though.
  7. Item: 19-inch Fabulous Expand wheels Location: Sydney NSW Item Condition: Condition is on the rough side with clear coat peeling and gutter rashes on all wheels (see-photos). 3 buckles on one of the fronts (see-photos). Scratches on the face and lips. Reason for Selling: Bought new wheels and these are no longer needed. Price and Payment conditions: $550.00 - Cash or Paypal Any additional information: Discontinued 2-piece welded Japanese VIP wheel in diamond cut polish finish. http://www.fabulous.co.jp/products/wheel/expand/ Set of 4 PCD: 5x114.3 (pro
  8. Hi Scott, How are you finding the higher profile front tyres than the rear in terms of handling and comfort? I am currently running 35 profile 19 inch tyres front and rear and was contemplating high profile on the front to fill the guards a bit more and for more comfort. Thanks, James
  9. Here's another one from me: I just serviced the Avensis with engine oil and oil filter change a few days ago (~150km). I used Castrol Magnatec 10w-40. The engine oil was topped up with 10w-30 Semi Synthetic oil at the mechanics today as I was getting some bushings put in (he did my previous service when he used the same 10w-30 Semi Syn so he didnt know I had serviced it with the 10w-40). Would it be fine to use this oil mix till my next service in ~5000kms time? Thank you.
  10. Scored an HKS ES Wagon rear cannon muffler which was a straight bolt-on from Yahoo Jp, thanks to Jesse Street. Now it has a nice deeper tone when driven harder whilst staying very civilised when idling or low speed, unlike the ones you see on old Lancer etc. Also put 3mm JDM Spacers on the rear for that little bit more flushness (can't go full flush as there is only around 1cm of gap left when fully seated). Tinted foglights yellow. Can't decide to stay or go back to white LED's like in my display pic... Car feels fairly sluggish on uphill starts which makes me contemplate supercharging or
  11. I have read posts here which people have said brake kit from one model of Toyota can be directly swapped into another Toyota model which got me thinking into potential brake upgrade. So what information/measurements etc do I need to find out whether a different Toyota model's brake kit could be fitted as a straight swap into another?
  12. That is damn cool with the Panda paint and wheels! Looks way better without factory spoilers too.

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