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  1. Going up a steep hill further inclining the motor backwards will leak all over that exhaust & it will stink. I would suggest replacing the rocker/cam cover gasket asap, it's pretty easy on a 5S-FE, it shouldn't effect performance though. If PCV isn't working properly then the engine may be sucking in oil dulling performance. You would need to inspect & test.
  2. When you say the temperature "doesn't get there quickly" - how long are we talking ? Essentially it should only take about 5min for the coolant to get to normal temp. If not then thermostat is buggered. I presume it's not misfiring & the plugs are fine yada yada . . . Peep inside the rocker cover through the oil cap - does it have sludge in it ? Does the PCV valve work ? Take the intake hose off - is it coated in crud ? My 2cents . . . .
  3. ^ All the excellent tips mentioned by John Cadogan in the above video clip are the same preached by advanced driving courses which I believe everyone should do at least once in their lifetime, personally I believe it should be mandatory & perhaps even once a year as re-fresher courses because practice makes perfect. Todays latest proactive tech such as AEB (Autonomous Emergency Braking) is a godsend & has the potential to save your car & perhaps your life, unfortunately they're only available on new cars :/
  4. Would be great in a way if they discontinued the hachi as the val on mine would start going up :) The Supra has always been a str8 six & looks to continue that way, for how long who knows. The new Supra isn't a real Toyota & it's automatic :/ Appears a lovely car tho.
  5. I stay in the left lanes to try avoid this but if it happens cos someone is so impatient & desperate to pass I just take my foot off the accelerator & let the car slow down on it's own, they soon get the message & overtake. Stress disappears.
  6. It looks good but it's not a real Toyota & it's automatic. What's more it's a tiny car. Toyota would be pulling an 86 like rabbit out of the hat to get it anywhere near $60K for a turbo six like they're predicting made in Europe. BMW pricing is $125K ! I miss the old Japanese sportscars from the 90's & 00's 😐
  7. Thanks Joe, I ended getting the complete Gates kit w/o the water pump as I already had a genuine pump sourced from the US months earlier at a good price. Despite the oem warranty of the belt, ie: 10yrs/150K kms the belt has started to make the cricket/rattle racket they're known for because of the hard material they're made of & will soon be swapped out for genuine parts to be covered by Gates themselves ! The genuine stuff is made in Japan not Taiwan which is where the Gates stuff comes from. Very annoying & a damn nuisance. Note to self - ALWAYS buy genuine Timing Belt associated gear - ALWAYS !
  8. ZZT86


    @awatea It should run as good if not better than standard ULP although you might not get the same economy.
  9. Can you hear/see the clutch engage & the revs rise and stay on, dis-engage & then sooner after re-engage ?
  10. How wide spread is/was the problem with oil consumption on the 2AZ-FE ? It's actually disappointing to see, I can distinctly remember 5S-FE motors in Celica's (Camry motor without the balancer shafts) was notorious for burning oil, the harder you drove it the more it used :/ The 2ZZ-GE engine was the total opposite.
  11. @jeffy yep I'm aware of this, having said all that my dads ACV36 Sportivo 5sp is now well past 120K kms & hardly uses a drop of the 10W30 semi-synth I & Toyota prescribe for him ;) As always it pays to keep a close eye on your car for any abnormal developments.
  12. They replaced strut only using your stock spring? If so perhaps the firm ride you're feeling is actually what you been missing out on due to the worn strut ? If you're not happy with them then the only solution would be to swap/exchange the strut which means ripping out the suspension & starting again = very time consuming & costly.
  13. ^^ not a bad price for a Shell product. Can't say the same for their fuel prices which are driving customers to their competitors in droves in Vic, which suits me just fine. Always like to keep an eye out for the latest catalogue specials from either Autobarn, Repco or Supercheap.
  14. 2AZ-FE calls for 10W30, latest spec SN GF5. If engine well cared for then that spec or 5W30 should continue to work well for it. Personally I would not use 20W50 unless engine was using a bit of oil &/or you consistently drove in very hot climate. ps: your owners manual will tell you the oil spec you should be using 😉