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  1. ZR I presume looking at them wheels, although they've been plasti-dipped or sprayed black. Good one.
  2. Have no idea how it works, all I know is that's the story they've fed me on more than one occasion. I will call Michelin HO in the morning but I'm almost certain to get the "I don't know" answer.
  3. Michelin have struggled very badly in the last 6-12 months with supply, even from Thailand because of shipping issues due to corona. The story I'm getting from Michelin dealers is that scheduled deliveries to a destination gets delayed or canceled because the ship captain isn't willing to quarantine the local regulated 14 days so he just turns the boat around & goes elsewhere ! Can you believe that ? Michelin are losing sales big time, I want a set of PS4S for my Hachi & I can't get them & Michelin have no idea when a delivery is expected to arrive ! Bridgestone have no s
  4. Yet another tool I've been dying to get but because of corona & laziness . . . . . how much coin Tony & where from ? I've bookmarked eBay. Another is from AST which I have for my old MCV20R Camry but it has the bayonet cap - absolute magic 😍
  5. Been wanting to get this for a while also but have been extremely lazy 😐 Link where you got this ? Cheers 😉
  6. Rippa car that celica, I used to own one 😉 Any pics ?
  7. I've been crowing about selling mine for years since I now have a dodgy back & drive an Aurion for a daily, but Hachi is still in the garage 😕 And despite it being a harder car to get in & out of especially in that tight garage, I still find Hachis seats superior compared to the Aurions & a comfy car after I've settled in to her. Mines done 1600kms in just over 12 months which is bugger all really. Corona lockdown played a big part in that. New Hachi is barely any different to the current other than a stiffer body & a few extra kW's, boring/uglier nose/tail design &am
  8. looks like new, great job ! Reapply UV sealant (if you have it) often to prevent re-fading.
  9. Strange that the car chucked a DTC for a blown globe, normally the dash just lights up it's own warning light for "blown globe". 🧐
  10. Call a dealer, they will probably tell you str8 out. You don't want to get that wrong for the sake of saving a few $$.
  11. ZZT86


    I have not experienced any issues with my car but cam timing issues were problematic on first batch cars made in 2012. Check FT86Club forums, more info there . . . . https://www.ft86club.com/forums/showthread.php?p=3132071 https://www.ft86club.com/forums/showthread.php?t=116036
  12. Above figure is correct . . . . 103 N*m{ 1049 kgf*cm , 76 ft.*lbf } straight from the Toyota Repair Manual.
  13. Odd that you lost all info when you disconnected your battery. I recently did same as I had a dim-bulb moment & to my surprise lost nothing, which led me to believe that the car must have some sort of stort term battery/capacitance feature. All I could say is park your car where you know you have good reception then try again, it should work just fine.
  14. Performance ECU is useless without quality tuning done on a dyno which is an expensive exercise to gain little unless you go all out with engine mods & rebuilds.
  15. These cars forward, both Celica & Supra, were awesome cars. This Supra will look amazing when finished, and bloody rare. @Jay Tassie gunna shove some E85 in that tank ?

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