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  1. @Tony Prodigy Do you find the leather don't breathe like it used to ? Would make sense after coating yeah? During our recent 5 day lockdown I thoroughly cleaned & ceramic coated my leather interior with CQuartz Leather like I said I'd do. Days after drying/curing I drove it down the coast a couple times on very warm humid days & noticed my tanktop sweat a little & stick to the back of the seat & thought hmmmmm ceramic ? CarPro Inside works real good, smells great. I also took the wheels off & did a good correction/polish & CQuartz them also with 2 coats. They
  2. My experience with Toyota dealers that I've come across with regards to servicing & parts is usually always great. Only concern I would have is with pricing although they can be bargained with 😉 For that reason only & the fact that I enjoy looking after my own cars, I DIY & procure my own OEM parts & overservice my cars for longevity & reliability.
  3. That's a 2tonne RAV that does sub 6 seconds to 100km/h - struth !
  4. Good point you make is that it's actually a BMW in drag 😕 which isn't exactly a bad thing, it just that it ain't a real Toyota & will feel like a German car instead. @Tony Prodigy what's your Bimmer like? I vaguely remember stiffness in their switchgear etc many many moons ago when I drove them last.
  5. Great choice Mike. Another benefit of the new Camry is the awesome safety ability compared to the old cars, huge difference. BTW - make sure you change that oil OFTEN especially if you expect the engine to last with no issues 😉
  6. I love this guy, he talks so much sense all coming from experience.
  7. Sorry to all, I've been really lazy on the forums of late. Yes I did get me tyres fitted & then got my mate mechanic machine the front discs using his on car gadget. It did the trick with no more issues & I'm hoping it stays that way. There was run out in the front discs as I suspected, I watched the machine grind it all out on both sides of the disc & front of the car. We left the OEM pads on as they were like new.
  8. Excellent work Ash. What sort of coolant did you use ? Did you use distilled water or was it pre-mixed? I remember my old gen7 Celicas water pump started weeping @ about 150-200K kms but never actually failed but was eventually changed at about 225K kms due to other work required. Maintenance on that car was kept up to date by the book so coolant changes every 40K kms. Belts in my use usually go about 100K kms before they start to crack without the Aerospace.
  9. You certainly don't muck around ;)
  10. Ash, it did 226K kms in 14 years so not a bad run really. What a PITA job to do considering the lack of space. I feel for you :|
  11. That Autobarn price is as cheap as it gets per L of that stuff.
  12. Forgot to comment regarding this & I think I know now what Geoff is talking about. His is the Presara with the softer struts & mine is the Sportivo with the stiffer struts but I always thought the whole car was a little "brittle" on anything but a fairly smooth surface. But on 2 recent occasions I had an extra 2 occupants (circa 150kg) in the car & the whole enchilada felt very comfortable/perfect, I was amazed. Not being a suspension expert, I reckon the struts have a stiff compression/soft rebound valving if I'm understanding it correctly. I also just stuck me nose under the
  13. Same to all here. May those same gods bring us all a corona vax that works REAL QUICK !
  14. ^^ Was Boxing Day sales - 25% off the filters. I got 3 more of those, 3 engine Air filters & a tranny filter for when I decide to drop the pan. Got to save the coin boyo ;) I mean why pay more ? Just waiting for Repco to do another rippa deal on Penrite LV & maybe even some Penrite 0W20 for Hachi even though I've been wanting to sell here for years, it's still in my garage collecting dust :|
  15. I do mine every 15K kms min, if it looks dodgy after 7.5K kms I'll change it. Ryco's filter above is excellent, would say better than OEM. Got recently for about $22 ea from Sapresbox so I got a whole stash of them 😉

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