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  1. I'm currently using this stuff https://www.supercheapauto.com.au/p/rislone-rislone-high-performance-injector-cleaner-177ml/290781.html I mix it to 1/2 tank fuel & find it works well. An alternative would be 1/2L of metho in the tank. I used to use Toyotas D4S Injector cleaner which is awesome but it's also expensive.
  2. Why are the alternators to Aurion dying at such an early age ? Seems strange. I would certainly recommend avoiding charging a flat battery with the cars own alternator to avoid stressing it out & shortening its life.
  3. @Novicebutnice Rippa post ;) You have the exact wheel/tyre combo on your Camry as my Aurion 👍 The RE003 is a good tyre although my experience wasn't all that flash on my old Celica, perhaps influenced by failing sway links & bushes. What I did notice was that it went downhill as it wore. How many kms have you done on the BS ? Please keep us informed about them. I'm sure even the Camry has enough grunt to chew through them so you gotta have a controlled right foot when taking off ;) The icing on the cake for BS is that often you can get them for a good price, hard to say with Michelin.
  4. Yes but at the cost of ride comfort. What I meant was that some tyres are designed to be even softer than normal ride comfort, all very subjective I guess. Perfect comparison was on my previous car where I tested on an identical wheel size/offset different tyres - Hankook Optimo K415 & the BS Ecopia EP300. I swear the Ecopias are at least 50% softer laterally which makes for very ordinary steering & change of direction especially on a demanding road.
  5. I ask cos I got the Conti 5P on my 86 but reckon sidewall flexes too much, just too soft. Should've got the PS3's back then but got talked in to Conti.
  6. @TommyM What are the Contis like on your Avalon ? Soft sidewall or OK ? Presume grippy & quiet.
  7. I drive my Aurion like a grandpa with a hat 95% of the time, but ocasionally need to give it the boot & given the tranny/dead pedal is a little slow to respond (inherent tuning) & with my runners on I may overdo the pedal bit which is where the traction issue may come into play. Very rarely an issue which may be rectified with new tyres as mine are virtually shot. I'm a big fan of Michelin, Dunlop & Yokohama for sportcars & I'm inclined to stick to those personally for the Aurion Sportivo also. BS hasn't proven itself with me yet, mostly disappointed me actually.
  8. Let me re-phrase my initial question - What is traction like if you give it the beans from a stand still ? With my car the traction control is next to useless, it's not well tuned enough to arrest the wheels from spinning & bunny hoping, from memory the GSV40R's were the same so nothing changed there ;) This the main reason for wanting more grip hence my PS4 theory. Having said all that the tyres on my car are rubbish & nearing the end. I know if I feed the power gently with good control the car is not only very quick but a delight to drive.
  9. You don't have to, it just bunny hops & looses it completely until I let go & in the dry, pretty ordinary tuning tbh. Is everyone else experienced the same? I need my shoes off to get proper feel to make use of all that HP if I want it. It's a good thing I rarely give it the beans, maybe I will just get some Touring tyre rather than a top end performance tyre for the Aurion, perfect for the 86 though.
  10. @KAA How do you find the grip if you give it the beans ?
  11. Primacy 4 is also on the radar, and of course the turanza ER300 which I'm inclined to ignore. The ones on my car have this weird wear pattern. Would like quiet, smooth with lots of wet grip & long lasting would be the icing - not asking for much 😏
  12. Thanks Ash, I think I remember seeing that thread now, I have a memory like a siv sometimes. Only reason why I thought of the PS4 was for their grip, the Aurion can't control it's grunt, soft rubber would help, at the cost of longevity of course 😁
  13. Has anyone ever used/tried the Michelin Pilot Sport 4 on their Aurion ?
  14. Do you have an audio clip to listen to ?