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  1. Who is waiting on there new Camry SX 2018

    . . . . . I would give anything just to be like hiiiiiiiiimmm . . . . . . Sorry I just had to New gen Camry appears a lovely machine, SX the firmer setup of the lot. You got V6 ? Congrats.
  2. 95 is supposedly cleaner/more refined than 91 as well as higher octane giving you the oomph missing when using 91 & improved economy. @thisguy ps: do you have Hybrid or regular SL ? How do you find it? If Hybrid what's economy like ? cheers
  3. What made you buy a Camry?

    Personally I'm not a fan of Hyundai engineering or quality, yet.
  4. Items to look for!

    Congrats, looks good. Not a colour I see in the MCV20R but nice ;)
  5. Items to look for!

    Personally don't have any leaks in my MCV20R Azura, perhaps the boot just needs adjusting to close tighter ? I have done this on mine & re-aligned it left to right. There is a breather vent on the LHS, perhaps damaged as a result from previous accident damage, who knows, should be no leaks.
  6. Fast, Reliable and No Turbo

    Driving a Toyota 86 in the fog & pouring rain @ the Ring is about as daft as Glen Seton driving a Skyline Turbo @ Bathurst on slicks in the big wet . . . . . very dicy There are so many mods & parts available for the 86 it's not funny, part of Akios grand master plan. ps: although "hachi" ain't that quick in a str8 line, it is around the bends, so much so it surprises many ;)
  7. Transmission oil problem

    How many kms has your MCV36 Camry done & has it got a good service history? I spoke to a tech @ Penrite on the phone 1.5 yrs ago re this exact predicament with my 2001 MCV20R with the same engine/tranny which then had 75K kms & a good service history. I asked if there was any reason not to use the ATF FS & he gladly replied absolutely not, he actually recommended it over any of their other fluids. Looking at the KV spec of this oil it's virtually identical to the MHP & the ideal DX III which is a dino as opposed to the man made FS. As a result I have used ATF FS since then & it has been running just fine. My only concern has been the somewhat harsh change from 1st>2nd & vice-versa at times although this may have already been present but don't recall it initially when I acquired the car. I suspect it's either a tranny issue - possibly a valve solenoid or just typical of the A541E breed. Have read that these trannies are sensitive to fluid changes/differences so I plan on doing another complete flush when it gets warmer to the DX-III I have in stock to see if that changes anything. I'm guessing nothing will come of it other than a complete oil change. If you change your tranny fluid I would highly recommend you doing a complete flush plus filter change.
  8. ^^ that looks sensational provided it's reliable. I'm all for any tech that increases driver enjoyment & safety, not ruin it.
  9. Front End Suspension rattle

    Try one thing at a time, go for decent test drive & see if it worked so you can pinpoint exactly what caused the noise. I wonder if it could also be the strut top mount/bearing isn't properly torqued/seated ?
  10. Noise when starting ignition

    So perhaps only when engine cold ? If you can get someone else to start it whilst you listen to the suspect area using a long sturdy screwdriver touching part in question like a starter motor. It's going to be difficult to pinpoint without a helping hand. I hope you have a CTEK charger or similar as you will kill your battery after many repeated starts & little to no drive - leave it overnight to charge if you can. How many kms has it done ?
  11. Noise when starting ignition

    Mechanical rattle like a CVJ, not sure it could make such a racket at startup though . . . something loose, does it make the racket when you rev it from idle, try revving slowly.
  12. Front End Suspension rattle

    Can vouch for silicone spray curing rubbing/squeak noises. Will pull the front struts out one of these days to investigate.
  13. Problem with headlights

    check switch gear & wiring ?
  14. Front End Suspension rattle

    Very keen to read this as I have a similar problem but on an older 2001 Camry V6 Azura with even less kms. Curious which struts did you use & assume on stock springs ? For me it's more of a knock & I think it's on the front right but only as you described it over short sharp bumps and only after the recent strut change which I'm sure wasn't there before it :/ Odd
  15. What made you buy a Camry?

    The new gen XV70 appears to be the goods on safety - very impressive. Wonder what speed the truck was doing?