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  1. So in that case I can actually go with SportMaxx RT 215/55/R16 on the factory alloy.. nice. Hope that will go well with the new TRD suspension kit
  2. but the speedo will be incorrect if i change it to 215...
  3. not sure. some car website said the width of the factory 16 inch alloy is 6.5 inch
  4. I have just purchased a second hand 2005 Avensis Ultima (ACM21R) to replace my ZZE122R as I need a bigger car however the original no-frills tyres literally has no grip on wet road so I was thinking to get some decent tyres for it but none. It just seems like no one is making a decent 205/60/R16 tyre so my question is, can i do a plus zero (225/55/R16) on the factory alloy wheels? That way I can get either Sportmaxx TT/RT or RE003. Factory Alloy:
  5. I took the door panel off last night the amount of shattered glass is massive :| Just called O'Brien and they want $508 all up :\ a bit pricy.. Any ideas where can I go and grab a replacement glass and fit it on my own??
  6. weird. I didn't noticed there were any cracks there.
  7. Is it just my mate or is it common when you shut the front passenger door having the side window fully lowered on a ZZE122 and it will just shatter into millions - this is not great for the start of a Christmas holiday :( Any rough ideas of how much does it cost to replace it ?
  8. cleaning fuel line at 80k spark plugs at 85k and i think last time i replaced my trd air filter was 8 months ago
  9. Went to woolies and grab some food for lunch just now but when i was reversing to a car space my zze's engine lost revs and appears to be dying. Does anyone know what's wrong with it. btw, i have discovered my zze was a bit sluggish when going uphill recently any clues? 04 zze122 99k kms
  10. My aunt's 2007 RAV4 just refusing to start. A/T Oil Temp light remain lit after turning the key. When turning the key to start position, it tried to start but all light goes off. Is it the battery or I need to tell my aunt to call tow truck? Many Thanks, Jimmy
  11. I have asked my friend to help me to get some LED bulbs from oversea to replace the original stock bulbs on my zze122 hatch, but i have lost the owners' manual which will tell me which model of bulb, can anyone tell can kindly tell me what the bulb models are? - Front turning - Side turning - Rear brake - Rear tail - Rear turning - Reverse Thanks!
  12. i didn't realize that relay is a fuse :P thanks!
  13. Guess what, my 5 year old stock battery just died this morning when i go to work... anyway, just wonder did you guys replace it with toyota battery or just grab one from repco anything like that?
  14. Thanks mate, btw where is the flasher relay located in ZZE122?
  15. Is there any way to make the turning signal clicking sound slower? I want to replace them with LED bulbs ....