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  1. How much for the trd grill and eyelids and any pics??
  2. Fadz 89

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    Aurion ZR6
  3. Sorry i no little about cars... is the HIDs the colour of the front lights??... I have seen the thread for the grills and eylids and are interested in them!.. I will take photos as soon as i get the chance!
  4. I think u should fotoshop it and see how it would look... if you do put it on take pics and post it... where do u get them from?
  5. Interested in the TRD scuff plates landing in perth.... thanks
  6. I own my own Eagle Boys Store... and il be happy to offer anyone inm the Toyota Owners Club ... Classic Pizzas from $6.95 anytime... !!! Just mention the club!!. Its the Malaga store in Perth WA!
  7. Is it still possible to get teh Aurion thai grill?? if so how much would it cost landing in PErth and is there a pic of it?! Thanks FAdz 89
  8. I reckon it looks sick... did you put it on urself? how?.. where do you get the mesh from??
  9. Hi Guys, New to this.. i have an Aurion Sporivo ZR6 standard, only addition ive made is put 20" Destino Nokturnals on them. Im looking for anyone with any ideas as to what i can do to make it look nice without spending tooo much. Also anybody that knows where i can get some front chrome grills. Will add photos soon