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  1. s2ky_

    mr2 models?

    thanks bros, good infos there i think im guna buy one now aye laters
  2. s2ky_

    mr2 models?

    from what ive seen its around 13.8 down the 1/4mile stock??
  3. s2ky_

    mr2 models?

    thnx for replies what about also the G-limited and the GT-S models?
  4. s2ky_

    mr2 models?

    hi all, im interested in a mr2 sw20.. however i do not understand the different models such as, gt? bathurst? etc.. etc.. i wud also like to know what versions there are of the sw20 listed from top range to bottom cheers
  5. im an abc... aus born chinese cant speak chinese or english ! ---> its either bad english or chinglish
  6. good job making me look like a tool.. u did great ! lolz
  7. lolz! nah dude.. i was just thinking bout wots the closest N/A car dat wud keep up wit a type R also around the same price range ^-^
  8. interesting... cool guys thanx for dat =] btw... sorry bout posting in wrong section.. didnt realise :D
  9. hey guyz wot wud it be like if a Corolla Sportivo [ZZE123R] vs. a Integra Type R [DC2] *in a drag race*