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  1. I've not visited here for over 2 years!!!! The news of Pete's passing on Facebook brought me pack, that was the power of Big Pete. Such a great bloke and a sad loss to society. RIP Big Guy. Thoughts and prayers go out to his family, friends and of course his work colleagues he loved and often spoke about in high regard, and who I'm sure will all miss him greatly.
  2. disturbing, but thanks... I think I gave Daniboy a hand to do the swap on his rolla. He did the knock sensor side of things, so will have to check with him what he did. I've been thinking about running the older sensor also, I've got it, just need to wire it in. you just snip the plug off the two wires you have there and only connect the black wire the other wire just tape it up in the loom not connected to anything, it can stay there incase for some reason later down the track you need another wire there, a couple of helpfull threads....just remembering celica pinouts are slightly different also. but my wire was black.......:) http://www.newcelica.org/forums/showthread.php?t=118117 http://www.newcelica.org/forums/showthread.php?t=205701 cheers guys, that's awesome, will take a look tomorrow and hopefully get the engine loom all connected again.
  3. you guys? Oh how I wish there were more than one of me at times....
  4. just purchased oil filter sandwich plate and fittings to connect the oil cooler and an oil catch can going over the diagrams last night I worked out the routing for the cooling system and heater core and teh fuel lines, though still trying to work out a swap from the AW11 charcoal canister to the newer Corolla one. Anyone know off the top of their head the flow direction through the filter so I can route the cooler in the right direction? Also need to know the drection of flow through the AW11 heater core... or is this unimportant and can flow both ways? ... now to sus out the wiring... I need to change the knock sensor from the later model 2ZZ type to the early model one used in the Celica for it to be compatible with the Apexi. The late model one has 2 wires where as the early model one has one wire... need to determine with wire from the late model sensor to connect the early model sensor to...
  5. not tight at all, there's heaps of space. The only tight section was for the headers and with the redesign that's been sorted easy, there is oodles of room in there now. remember that I don't need to fit a radiator in there ;)
  6. with the mounts made up... engine is back in the engine bay, hopefuly for a more extended period this time. It's still not sitting on the front torque mount the way I want but I'll play with the mounts tomorrow to balance it all up a bit better. Clearance around the headers is brilliant. I can fit my hand all the way around it though I will need to be tricky with connecting the exhaust as it looks like the suspension arm mount will get in the way. So I will need some shielding there to protect the bushings. Pics as always You can see my mount adapter plate in the top right corner Also note the ZZW30 spec (MWR version) side mounted oil level
  7. if you want to stick with the stock cams I still have my set here.
  8. you don't need a wind tunnel or CFD, you can test vortex generators by doing some old school thread tuft testing.
  9. Join Toymods Car Club. http://www.toymods.org.au They are a NSW registered and incorporated car club and recognised by the RTA as a Toyota enthusient club. You'll have much better chance dealing with the RTA then... as for your 'anyone, any car' crap in your last post. If a car is over 15 years old they are not automatically placed on the register... I'd also equire down this path as, depending on when the 1st registration of your car was, it would also be close to 15 years.
  10. Mid engine shifter linkage system installed. still need to get some custom cables made up but much more tidy solution to running the cables all the way around the engine bay.
  11. without knowing your personal situation it's hard to give suggestions, but years ago when I sold my sportivo and bought the MR2 for cash I cleared all my depts and never looked back. We also rent, though we have no kids, but expecting our first in a few weeks. It comes down to dicipline. We both work full time (at least we did until recently) and with a bit of dicipline we managed to live off of one income and save the other into a high interest account, both of us are on 'average' incomes bringing home approx $1000 a week. We have been doing this for about 3 years. Last year we bought our X-Trail (second hand 2005 model) for $16,000 cash and it hardly put a dent on our savings.
  12. the difference is the interest you pay... at the end of the day a loan costs you about half the purchase value of the car again in loan costs. New cars are great on a hire-purchase or lease arrangement if you can.
  13. You need to add teh Lotus Exige with 2GR-FZE into this as well :D http://www.autoblog.com/2011/09/13/2012-lotus-exige-s-frankfurt-2011/ and the Lotus WRC Tarmac Special Rally car.... http://www.autoblog.com/2011/09/13/lotus-exige-r-gt-rally-frankfurt-2011/
  14. the best finance is CASH... having a loan on a depreciating asset is stupid. I learnt that the hard way. adding to this, don't EVER finance through GE Money... EVER
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