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  1. Need help with Pinouts for Celica ECU vs JDM corolla for pfc install send pinout diagrams to robertsmichael99@gmail.com please.

  2. Need help with PFC uninstall, I think your PM box is full. Can you help

  3. You have to watch out with the harnesses there had been a few issue with overfuelling due to the addition of an extra harness. Honnestly i dont know why you would want to go through the hassle of making a new harness..? when changing a few plugs around on the standard plugs would give you the same outcome.. not matter what with or without the harness your are still doing to need an additonal temp switch i guess its just less hassle and less of a change of something going wrong just re-wiring the standard harness
  4. Alright guys this has been on my mind a bit lately coming into a few hotter days. regarding to oil temps in sportivo's. Does anyone know how hot there oil has gotten? If so when should an oil cooler be added? on the hotter days such as the 42c the other day i notice the difference in performance ect im guessing due to oil temp and air temp barely felt like a hit lift or could this be the oil im using is too thick..? 5-30w
  5. 100% def not the gearbox... how can a gearbox problem move your clutch pedal to start with??? I had the same problem as few times before i changed my clutch kind of felt like the clutch was sticky...honestly save yourself the $150 or so on the gearbox oil and additives usually you will only change the oil if you have a problem in selecting gears/crunching gears not an issue with a clutch pedal... totally different Or just came to my head make sure that the clutch line is still fine eg. no air in the system or cracks and all the fluid is still there
  6. Ive been using the Ebc redstuff and im happy with them havent had any brake fade or anything when eastern creek and when you put your foot down they stop like a mofo... so i def will be buying them again for the price cant beat them
  7. That was just for the Fronts although they do have goodridge braided brake lines and the rears aswell so if you buy a few things or get a group buy happening it becomes alot cheap as shipping is half of that $100
  8. Can someone enlighten me with the link to the correct front Brake Discs for a sportivo..? Im looking to buy a set. BTW if you looking for Brake pads visit Brake4u i got a set of EBC red stuff for just over $100 landed.... =D
  9. i think youtube might become my friend for this one i know there are a few videos and plus i got a mate who works at qantas qho could prob help as he works with that stuff all the time
  10. Have seen a few sportivo's driving around with a carbon fiber front lip does anyone know where to buy one..? very interested in buying one
  11. I randomly am experiencing the same problems as you Keshin... Randomly my car will idle around the 1.8K rpm mark and will stay there and usually ive noticed its the day after i have the aircon turned on in the car... Not too sure why but then randomly after some driving (30mins) it will go back down to around 950 its almost like its compensating for the a/c even though its not on any ideas..? im running a Power FC and everything is hooked up right and the a/c idle works fine????
  12. Might be that your running oil that is a little too thin try something a bit thicker and see if the problem persists
  13. sof i replied to your pm i will send you the diagrams which i used when i did my power fc. Everything working except for the Temp gauge on the cluster. I will see if i still ahd the hard copy with i had drawn on detailing what went where and how to do everything. just send me a pm with ur email.

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