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  1. Updated list, most of the sought after items are gone...the more serious parts are still there, if you are interested don't be shy and send me a message :)
  2. Bump, a few more things sold....price drop on brake calipers (no one after a brake upgrade on their non sportivo corolla?) and springs.
  3. Bump, Exhaust parts are mostly gone. Come on and don't be shy peeps!
  4. Bump, some price revisions. Koni FSDs not for sale, selling springs though.
  5. Below are items for sale, Stock sportivo headers $100 440cc bosch injectors, need bosch adaptors wire to stock loom $100 1 x Celica front brake calipers (same as sportivo calipers which allows 275mm front disc on your non sportivo corolla for better braking performance) $100 Apexi Power FC + Commander: My tune was carried out by Unigroup engineering (Girraween) with the 2.5inch catback exhaust and CES CAI (lift at 5400rpm and limiter at 8400rpm, made 116kw at the wheels) $700 (Firm price) MWR high RPM cam springs and retainers (NEW) $200 Send me a PM if you're interested in something. Let the sale begin? Cheers, Thai
  6. Need help with PFC uninstall, I think your PM box is full. Can you help

  7. As stated in the title, I'm looking for a picture of such an installation. I've seen it somewhere, but my search has yielded nothing. Cheers
  8. Never seen welding that bad in my first attempt was better then that....
  9. How much you want to spend?? lol When I was looking for a sub (a few years back) I was looking at Boston Acoustics G5 series, Digital Designs (not sure which model) and Image Dynamics (IDMax or IDQ range). One good quality 12" sub would do the job. Don't forget about your enclosure as well. With regards to Amplifiers, just buy one that is rated to operate your sub with a bit of overhead (15-20%) mono and has some reliability (Audison, Alpine, Jaycar??), I've got a Jaycar amp and it works fine for its purpose....have yet to meet a person that can tell a sound quality difference between two similar rated amps that are setup properly.
  10. Think about how you want to go about modifying this car and what you want to everyone else has said, if you intend to modify the car extensively and in a short time then do the tuning at the end...I'm still collecting parts at the moment
  11. Hey Suprathai,

    Just wanted to ask a quick question before i buy Mole's 2ZZ-GE powerFC for my sportivo. Ive read there is no point in getting the PowerFC without a proper tune. I noticed we live in the same city, Sydney. Since you have a powerFC on your sportivo, would you be able to let me know who tuned it for you so i can get it done properly?

    Thanks in advanced.