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  1. you have a pic of the 3x Autometer Gauges
  2. Yep was me ;) .. startled me with the beep! you ride lookn' sweeet! :D lol sorry if i did, i wasn't sure if i should of just waved or beeped and i ran out of time lol, yeah my ride would look better with a sunroof though hahaha All good tiet! ;)
  3. Yep was me ;) .. startled me with the beep! you ride lookn' sweeet! :D
  4. FREE REGISTERED POST AUST. WIDE.- BRAND NEW NEVER USED Genuine unwanted Sale This is an Australian spec modem, not a overseas model. I bought the wrong wireless modem. I have cable modem, not ADSL+2. Was unable to return as 7 days went by. Item is Brand New never used still in Box, located in sydney western suburbs. Modem never taken out, still in its plastic with its sealed tag Will supply copy of receipt, also has warranty from shop bought, till mid 2010. more infor about modem can be found here; http://cgi.ebay.com.au/Netgear-DG834N-Rang...=item587db8de40 Price: $140 Firm cheers
  5. Thanks again Mic for organising the group buy and taking the time to meet up to deliver the catch can! cheers mario
  6. yeah ek should be still on. Sorry guys i didnt get a chance today, to measure the 2zz hoses up.
  7. sorry just logged on and saw ur msg, ill have a measure tomorrow morning and will advise
  8. mic, add me to the list please if its not too late. cheers mario
  9. dont buy alpine gear from ebay most of it is fake..... here is a link to all the Genuine alpine dealers in NSW; shop around within these shops and you will sure to grab a bargain, as i did.;) http://www.alpine.com.au/support/dealers.asp?state=nsw p.s - have a look at this forum u can usually find some good gear.... second hand... http://www.mobileelectronics.com.au
  10. read this post, give you lil more info. Previous topic on sunroof ... My car was done at Prestige Sunroofs @ wetherill park Hollandia 700 (paid 2.5K), way back in 2003, till date i have not had any problem at ALL . still works perfectly. Life time Structural Warranty !. A mate of mine is going to get one done soon he got quoted 2100 . IMO 2.1k is worth ievery penny, P.S. have done a great job on my stivo!
  11. your ryde looking sweet!!! ;)
  12. YeP dats as close as i got to coming to the meet, just to let you just know i was there HAhaaa
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