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  1. Q) I want to know what the '5Y' or '92' mean at the end of the description of my car (for Facelifts only) A) The true facelift came out mid-way through 2005 (August). The 5Y refers to the later models, while the 92 was earlier 2005 model. our ascent is 2004 but its a facelift ... can you expand on this?
  2. wish this was in WA - i would jump on it
  3. saying hi from down in busselton! im a moderator on and a part of the subaru rally team down here =) we also have a 05 acsent that we are about to trade in for an 05 sportivo =D i have had vtec cars in the past (Dc2 Type-R) but i want something more refined and newer cant wait to see how Lift goes =) i love what your doing here ultra racing make great quality parts - i have every single brace available from them for my EG Civic would be great to see this car in person one day!!