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  1. I am just wondering if anyone ever thought of installing turbo or super charger in their latest Klugers. If so please share.
  2. Grande Shoeb

    Bad Experiences

    terry shields toyota in parramatta. worst service ever. manager said and i quote "if u bark we will bark back and we don't regret doing so". WFT??? don't need this sort of attitude from a place where u invest 65000 grand. What happened is we called a sales person from far away and he was so annoyed that he basically said to go stuff ourselves. never going or buying from them anymore!!!
  3. Car: 2011 Toyota Kluger Grande Hello, this is my first post to TOC. Just wondering if anyone is experiencing a strange feeling in the Steering Wheel when turning Left. It feels like something is not aligning properly. When turning right it’s smooth and does not feel the same way.