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  1. Hey Randy, Yeah i changed the tweeters but what i actually did was removed the tweeters from the 6.5" i bought and relocated them to where the old tweeters were. All i did was run some speaker wire down the inside of the door and reconnect it to the actual speakers. It sounds MAD !! soo much clarity !!! Hope this helps Regards Shane
  2. Hi Randy Firstly I cut out the paper stock speakers from the front door plastic pods. I then replaced them with 6.5" kevlar speakers, these fit nicely. However when I tried to do the same to the rear the 6.5's were too big. You need slightly smaller 6" speakers for the rear doors. Hope this helps. Shane
  3. Hi Guys, Just wondering if anyone can shed some light on the following, Front speaker size - I have been informed it may be 6 1/2 inch is this correct ? Rear speaker size - No idea possible the same as above ? Regards Shane
  4. Anyone have any ideas ??? 42 views but no one has a clue ?
  5. Hi Guys, Just seeking some advice. I have a 2002 Corolla Levin and on occasion I am noticing the idle dropping and idling very rough for a short period of time, I have also noticed on occasion when I first start the car it is idling quite high for a period of time. I don't think this is normal as when I say idling high I mean like over 2000 rpm to me that is too high. I have been advised to check - 1. Throttle Body 2. Injectors 3. Spark plugs Any advice with the above would be greatly appreciated. Regards Shane
  6. Hi there, Thanks for the information you provided. Upon checking my key as mentioned it seems i only have the "Valet" key as when i put it in the ignition the light stayed light up for a second or 2 after it was in. From your info this seems to be a problem. Just to confirm as i don't have the master key you are saying that i need to go to Toyota and buy the original key and remote ? is this correct ? Regards Shane
  7. Hi there, Yeah i only got the key with the car and it is very very light grey / black. It is also a factory alarm not aftermarket. Shane
  8. Just need some info regarding the alarm system in my car. I didn't receive a remote control with the car and want to purchase on from anywhere, i have found some on ebay but i need to know what model alarm is in my car. Does anyone happen to know where i can find this information ? Apparently there is 2 different models rs3000 and rs3200. Have no idea which one is in my car. Any help would be muchly appreciated. Also is anyone happens to know where i may get my hands on one i would love that information as well Regards Shane
  9. Hi Alan, Thanks for the info but i can't seem to find a seller under any name like that ? Just to confirm is it tq automotive technology ?? Regards Shane
  10. Hi there people, Need some help if possible in regards to a remote for my Corolla. I bough a 2002 Corolla Levin 6 months ago without a remote and want to get one, problem is that i don't have the old one and everywhere i look keeps telling me i need to get the FCC ID off the old unit ? Not really possible as i don't have the old one. I contacted Toyota and they want some ridiculous amount of money for a new one something like $400 including programming. Anyone know how i can find the info i need other than looking from the old remote ?? Any help is greatly appreciated Regards Shane
  11. Awesome vidz, thanks for the links mate!! Have to do some re-thinking !!
  12. Im struggling to find any good places in sydney that sell CAI's. If anyone knows anything i dont know please help a brother out. Looked on ebay 99% are from the us and ill be fked if i am going to spend $100 on postage. Cheers Shane
  13. Thanks mate good useful information, appreciate the help Shane
  14. Also whats the preferred option either cold air intake or short ram intake ?? and whats the major differences ??