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  1. yeah just mate, long time no see charlie.... seen your car on selectnine and spun out... soon as i saw the first pic of the car i said.. that has to be charlies car.. the shoot came up sweet well done.
  2. boys been along time... kind of forgot my password.... so for any one intrested heres an update on the car... gemis fully engineered now, its running a 13b bridgeport now heres a link to ozgemini as theres to much to list since i last got defected.. http://www.ozgemini....36311&start=240 shot from a recent cruise how the gemi sits now... selectnine photoshoot http://www.select-ni...sleeper-gemini/ small youtube vid
  3. best case scenario... 2half 3grand mate i need your address to send it, you never gave me it and your inbox is full!! so i can not contact you, i left a msg on your profile hoping youd see it. nah man this was always going to be street car from day one... nothings changed... cars should be drivin.. not trailered
  4. john your cars looking as fat as ever man, awsome! ill give itt a go when i can good to see this thread still alive! havnt photoshoped any thing in ages, but got the urge the other day so played around with this gemi coupe few different looks, let us know what you think original shops
  5. cheers boys, my undoing was supposedly doing a burn out.... is what the cop told me.. tailed me around for a good 10mins right up my ****, i went to take off at the lights and and by wheels cherped alittle because im still getting used to the brass button clutch, pulls me over gives me a ticket for negligent driving and defects her.. got me for no engineers, exhaust to loud and brakes not engineered.. scene went along these lines... cop: *jumps from car gets straght in my face* did you see what you did back there?!? me: no sir? cop: you lite up your tyres back there, thats why ive pulled you over!! ive got it all on camera! me: i dont think i did sir, my clutch is a bit funny, im still getting used to it... cop: so you want me to defect you for a defective clutch then?? me: no sir, but cop: pop the bonnet! cop: whats this? me: 13b cop: rotary?? me: yes...... cop: got your engineers papers? me: no.. cop: *smiles* cop: got any work done to it??? me: no cop: *looks over the engine bay* is it turbo??? me:.............no cop: what brakes you running? me: commodore cop: call a tow truck..... *goes to car* comes back 20 **** mins later... slaps a red on it and say have a nice day <_< basicly now the plan is to call in an engineer to look over the car, only thing i can see that i will have problems with is the exhaust note.. im going to do what ever it takes to get it back on the road.. havnt come this far to be ****** over now! and yeah ELEGNT she goes hard alright.. 200hp in a sub 900kg car is a ***** loud of fun lol, the sound and the way she just keeps pulling is whats so addictive about rotors.. the suspension needs a ***** load of attention though handles like a 30 yr old dinghy...
  6. hey champ, think your email is full... need your postage address

  7. yeah i know mate, only thing giving it away is the noise, and the muffler sticking out the back. im looking at one of those set ups, basicly just a vacuem controled flap in the exhaust, will see how i go.
  8. hey boys, well since last update... the thing over heated due to poor tuning and blew a corner seal.. instead of rebuilding the old block, found a rebuilt block going at a good price, so snapped it up also imported these cool oldsmobile 15 inch hubbies from the states....love em
  9. 1.BG PETE 2.GTL05T 3.JV11NL (your coming john) hahaha! 4.JAYLAH (maybe) 5.M.C (maybe) 6.Seby123 (if at 30th) 7.RonnyBoy (Maybe) 8.sikwitit 9.DemonRolla (maybe) 10. Synthetic05 (maybe) 11. Putney (maybe) 12. Kenneth. (maybe) 13. VF-X (Maybe) 14. cruzer(maybe) 15.PLYTME - meet up in Kiama 16. Mitch - can't wait! 17. Cappuccino 18. stock(maybe) 19. toyo assassin (maybe) 20. red sportivo (maybe) 21. mark2zz(maybe) 22. spillige(maybe)
  10. springs are sold mate, you can have the sticker, just pm your address, ill mail it to you.
  11. thx mate, in person its like 3 times louder than that video... and at full revs.... feals/sounds like the end of the world... wish i could make quiter some how, the noise gives the car away straight away. cheers trdsaads, no not really, would love to go turbo but been hearing different things from people, some say its legal some say no.... so. next year will take it off the road for the body work, most likely keep it sleeper looking, nothing flashy. and get it enginnered.
  12. also got a magnaflow straight thru muffler on ebay heres the link. My link and its a long shot but, also selling this beautifully made SMB collecter My link
  13. cheers boys, yeah mate wouldnt mind coming down to a meet, havnt caught up for a while. heres a couple of pics, finished off the interior today, mounted gearboot, added gemini 5 speed gearknob and gemi pedals. also added these venetions
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