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  1. Hello, Ive got Australias "first" Prius and some spares would be handy. What colour is yours? see attached article on mine. kindly Arnold Toyota Prius the first 11 years.pdf
  2. In 2001 my family proudly "launched" the first Prius in Australia in Sydney. Toyota flew them to Sydney - they got a media conference, a trophie (we still have) some "Astro Boy" Prius model cars (we still have) and of course - our Prius. In 2007 I wrote an article on how great the car was. In 2012 I reported the car "dead" on this forum (battery) My Prius is alive again after a "grey" market secondhand battery transplant (thank you toyota dealer - never to be mentioned by name) - for helping me out. After nearly sending it to the wreckers (and reporting it "dead" on this forum) its very much "
  3. MY PRIUS LIVES AGAIN !!! JOY and Bliss I Found a battery pack at a wreckers in Queensland - and for less than $1000 my dear sweet 300,000km Prius is A L I V E again!!! My next task is to rebuild the old battery pack (which I have) So it seems that tough little car - Australias No1 Prius - will not end up at the wreckers after all!!!! Arnold
  4. Oh - I nearly forgot. I wrote an article about the Prius that never got published. Ive attached it if anyone is interested. Toyota Prius.pdf
  5. Im the proud owner of Australias first PRIUS. I purchased it new in 2001 - and even had my family flown to Sydney by Toyota for the launch. Ive got a trophie, some model Prius cars from Toyota - and you can even google Prius and my surname (Dix) to find the press releases. My problem is that after 300,000km the battery is dead. The dealer has issued the car with a death certificate. I want it kept as a bit of Australian motoring history - but no museums want it. Has anyone got any suggestions on how to bring a dead series one back to life for a reasonable cost? Arnold
  6. Welcome to the Toyota forums ArnoldE :)

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