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    I'm also curious. The subscription rates are shocking, but I wouldn't mind paying for just 7 days, as long as I could print off any info that I need. Does anyone know if this site is owned or licensed out under Toyota, and if the info is genuine Toyota service info?
  2. Hi all, I've just started installing Fog/ Driving lights on my 03/2005 Conquest 4 door sedan. It came pre-wired with the lights harness already in place behind the bumper bar. I've installed the lights, surrounds and the new lights/ blinker stalk. Now for the relay & fuse. Can anybody confirm if the correct location for these items is the junction box that's up behind the glove box ( on the left hand side in Australian Corollas ) ? And if so - how the hell does one access them ? I've removed the glove box to get at it, but even then you have to lie on the floor and look up with a torch. There look to be fuses visible on the bottom side, but no slots for any relays, unless they go in on the top side ( which I can't even get my fingers up around, let alone see anything ). Unless the whole thing just swings down, or can be unbolted and pulled down a bit to work on ? Also, what type of relay is required, and what's the best source to get it from ? I think it's supposed to be a 4 pin 40 Amp relay, but I'm not sure if it's a normal relay or a micro one. I asked at the local Toyota dealer, and they couldn't/ wouldn't give any info as to the type or specifications. They just said it would cost $96.00 ( surely they jest ). I've already looked on this forum, and most other sources on the net, but most deal with clean installs on unwired vehicles, using ebay kits with remote relays and switch. Some other sources also say the location is behind the little drawer next to the coin holder on the right hand side of the car ? Really confusing. Any advice would be appreciated. Regards,
  3. Greetings all, I Have a 2005 Corolla which has no headlights at the moment. On First setting of light switch - parking lights and instrumentation lights work. On Second setting - no low beam. Push light switch stalk toward dashboard - no high beam. Pull light switch stalk toward steering wheel to flash high beam - high beam works. I removed the low beam bulbs and connected them individually to battery power just to make sure they weren't both blown - they work. I then located the 2 15 A fuses in the fuse box in front L/H side of engine bay (L/H & R/H Headlight) - they're both O.K. Then I took out the fuses and checked across the fuse fixtures with a multi-meter while headlight switch was turned off or turned to parking - no power there. Then turned the switch to low beam - power is there. So the light switch appears to be working correctly. Then I put the fuses back & tested the plugs that go onto the light fixtures with the meter while low beam was switched on - no power there. So..... Either there is a problem with the headlight relay, or maybe wiring has been damaged or a junction connector is faulty I would think if wiring has been damaged, a short would occur, in which case the fuses would have blown. As for a headlight relay, I can't seem to locate it. According to the illustration on the inside of the lid of the fuse box, right next to the two 15 A Headlight fuses there is a space allocated for a 50 A (EMPS) & 40 A (Head Main) fuse or relay but in my fuse box there's Just a big blank space where they should be. Any thoughts on locating it, or any other leads would be appreciated, Regards, R.
  4. Hi all, I've just become a member after coming across this site while browsing the web seeking some info on my 2005 Corolla. Hoping to tap into the wisdom of other owner's who might be able to guide me. Regards, R.
  5. Welcome to the Toyota forums Romulus :)