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  1. Camry SV21 Wipers

    I am having problems with wipers not stopping/parking themselves at the correct position. I took the wipers out to access the blocked drain under the bulkhead. The wiper motor was freed from the mounting assembly to gain access to the drain and bolted back again. The wipers put back and checked for correct operation. They rotate correctly however, no matter how I adjust their mounting position they do not park back to the correct location with either intermittent or full on operation. I have disconnected the battery and motor to see if it reset itself but the problem persists. Any help on this is appeciated,
  2. SV21 wheel alignment settings

    Does anybody know the settings for 1990 SV21 wheel alignment settings please. Just need them to make sure alignment its done correctly. Also is 4wheel alignment really needed? Thanks
  3. 1990 Camry SV21shockers

    Thanks mick I will have a closer look. Does anyone have any experience with Ultima shockers? Has anyone fitted these to their cars? Thanks
  4. 1990 Camry SV21shockers

    There must be someone who is familiar with this issue or someone who has had this work done to their car. I appreciate the advice/experience. Thanks
  5. 1990 Camry SV21shockers

    Hi All, I am a new member here with a 1990 Camry sedan (SV21) previously driven by my daughter. I drive the car generally on short trips and for shopping. I am looking to replace the shockers front and back and need the following answers:- 1. How to diconnect the brake lines from the brackets welded to the struts. I have considered cutting the bracket, slide the brake line away and drop the strut. What to do then on re assemby? 2. I am looking to use Ultima shockers made in Australia (Queensland) I believe. What is the opinion of these? Has anyone else used them? Your comments are appreciated. Matt
  6. Welcome to the Toyota forums MattSV21 :)