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  1. Hi Guys, So if you remember me (or not) I had the Silver Cressy. I unfortunately encounteres some terminal oil leaks which at the time was too great of a cost for me to get diagnosed. I've decided against the 1J for now as thats something I might do once I come off my p's since now that my cars been unreg for a while ill need to provide the engi cert and thats like saying here im putting a turbo in my car come get me. The 7mge is fine enough when rebuilt since all the gremlins from factory can be ironed out. The reason why this has taken so long is due to my misses getting really sick and was in icu for 3 weeks early on this year with a sever case of septicemia. She is fine and well now, just been difficult to fund the car without her having a job. She is hoping to find a job in the next few weeks and then ill be able to put some time and money into the car again. Hopefully it will start off with the engine removal and getting a diagnosis of what has gone wrong and hopefully most of the internals are fine. Ill keep this here as a placeholder so I can chuck up some stuff once it starts.
  2. Hey guys, been a while since ive posted let alone been around. Cant remember if I told you guys why but im hoping within the next few months I can get the cressy back on the road after a rebuild of the engine. Ive been reading every post that has been on this and ive been missing the meetups badly. Hope to attend soon.
  3. Im still around. Ive got myself a 1jzgte lined up. Just waiting for a tranny. My mechanic mate is looking at one for me today. We were originally looking for engine and tranny combo but he found a 1j by itself in a condition and price too good to refuse by itself. I still look the forums up a bit but just waiting on the tranny so I can get started on the wiring which is going to take a few days and nights hard work.
  4. Hmm well I would rather the 1jz-gte only because it would than be an imalgamation of my 2 fav toyotas being the cressy and the soarer tt/lexus sc300. But im open to thoughts.
  5. Hi guys. I have been missing the meetups so badly however I have been out of commission due to my 7MGE springing some major oil leaks and possible cam issues. :( However this has now sparked me into doing a conversion instead. I just recently got a property closer to work (5min walk) which will allow me to save my petrol allowance to go towards a 1jgte conversion. Technically I would be spending the same amount on fixing my current engine anyway. Let me know what you guys think but I will be missing the next few meet ups I guess.
  6. I'm at GC now with my misses and it's dead compared to last Friday.
  7. Ill probably get there at 6 for a nice deep clean.
  8. Ill see you at the car wash. Whats the address of it? or near bouts?
  9. Yeah I won't be able to make it that early unfortunately unless I can swap my shift which I can only do with 1 person. I'll see I can.
  10. Will there be any car cleaning involved or should I just do that Thursday :P
  11. I'm keen though again I'll be there around 8 at garage