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  1. The first thing i did was try to jumpstart the car but it didnt turn over, it kept ticking which made me believe it was the starter instead, in this case, do you think the battery is completely dead then?
  2. hey all, I suddenly found myself stranded in the girlfriends 2010 Yaris today, the key turns and you can hear a very loud ticking noise upon turning the key. I am wondering if this is the starter motor, as i have tried to give the battery a jump and it isnt a flat battery? The sound is coming from the front of the engine, im told thats where the starter is, just hoping someone has had the same experience and can confirm it for me before i source new part/s. Can i use a starter from an older model Yaris? Thanks!
  3. Hi Jeff, Fuel is quarter tank, so that shouldn't be an issue. Possibly starter motor but i cant be certain because the last time i ever had a problem with starter car never turned over at all.
  4. Hi all, I have come home from a 5 week trip to the UK and tried to start my car to no success. 1991 Toyota Seca (Automatic) 130,000km The key turns and engine seems to turn over but it just wont start, have tried jumper cables and still no change. Do any of you have an idea what the problem might me? Thanks for your help! Paul