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  1. jdm zze123 use the same 6th gear as the zzt231, i think the shorter 6th is an aussie/south african thing
  2. the last i checked it was about 1500-2000
  3. one thing u might wanna think about with these is that the added thickness would make it a little annoying to change gears. less elbow space if that make sense.
  4. might be a better idea to sit down and decide on wat u want the next car to do for u first? otherwise u might end up with something u're unhappy about.
  5. get lost oldman!!! looks like things around here hasn't changed much then
  6. just here to say hello. it's been a while. what's everyone been up to? have i posted this in the right place?
  7. if it was Gran Turismo, it'd all be living in my garage!!
  8. wow the list has grown a little now Show off :P and i've just realised that i haven't added my current car to the list, too. erm... anyway, think i'll just be quiet now
  9. ferrari 355 F1 ferrari 360 modena ferrari 430 spyder pagani zonda s audi r8 A4 2L multitronic 996 911c4s landcruiser prius hybrid LS430 LS460 LS600 hybrid GS300 RS200 IS200 celica 1zz celica 2zz zze rolla 1zz zze rolla 2zz zze rolla 2zz blitz supercharged zze128 will Vs zze30 mrs camry sportivo 2azfe camry sportivo 1mzfe ncp42 vios ncp42 vios supercharged ncp13 echo ncp13 echo turbocharged ncp91 yaris ist 1.3L auto hilux 2.7L petrol new hiace diesel, can't remember motor size estima markx eg6 eg5 eg9 ek4 jdm dc2r jdm dc8r - basically a 4door JDM dc2r jdm and audm dc5r evo3 evo4 cb lancer 1.5L
  10. i've had them on a few cars, too and they're all pretty damn good for the road. personally i find the bound a little too soft for the track. but that's the track.
  11. which car do u want to know about? i have access to both. msn me.
  12. yeah i see what your point is northy but lets say it rained heavily for 1 or 2 weeks straight. i know the CAI isnt gonna suck in litres of water but like over 2 weeks time wouldnt there be heaps of really small droplets of water that get sucked up into the engine? and im sure even if its a little amount it cant be to good for the engine. just my theory. could be wrong. funny, i deliberately spray water into my inlet tract. it seems to do my engine some good.
  13. ScanGuage is awesome, i know a few ppl who use them and never said anything bad, except for its boring looks.

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