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  1. Hi all, Thanks for having me on the forum. Been on here a fair bit in the last couple of months leading up to our purchase of our Rav4 SX6 last week. Until now Ive never needed a forum as theres never been anything to deal with on my hiluxes! All the commentary leading up to buying the Rav was super helpful so Im hoping to be able to return the favour.
  2. Hi All, First post on the forum. I have spent a number of weeks on here prior to buying our 2010 Rav4 SX6 last weekend, so a general thanks to all members who contribute here. Im chasing a set of canvas seat covers front and back for our new vehicle, airbag compatible. As a long time toyota owner sitting on black duck canvas I was dissapointed to find that they couldnt provide for our new car. Im not a fan of micro-suede or noeprene as we hit the beach a lot. Can anybody tell me if theyve heard of such, or am I asking for the impossible? Id prefer a proper fitted set rather than the more generic sized ones available in stores, if thats my only option anyones feedback on better brands or stores to look for them is appreciated. Thanks in advance, Martin