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  1. More people with sticky dashboards on another forum on this website:
  2. Good to know that others have also discovered this sticky issue outside of the warranty period. An update regarding Toyota USA fixing 4.5 Million sticky dashboards: Need a consumer watchdog to assist us in Australia. Any suggestions?
  3. To be honest - no product what so ever. The reason I first noticed this problem was because the dashboard appeared to be very dusty. I thought that I should wipe the dust off it - but when I looked closer and touched it I decided that wiping it with a clean cloth probably wouldn't get the dust off as the dust seemed stuck to the dash. I've never used any amour oil (or anything else) and only wiped the interior with a dry cloth or a sponge if it seemed necessary. So no product has contributed to the sticky greasiness that is evident on the dash.
  4. Hi Bonjit I had a phone call from Dept Fair Trading and they wipe their hands of it because they state that it is out of warranty and therefore not interested. I had more words and an email with Toyota Motor Corporation Australia and their Customer Experience Centre which gave no assistance what so ever. Their statement that: "The Aurion is assembled and parts sourced from different markets to the USA, and as such, any recalls or issues affecting vehicles in the North American market would not affect vehicles released for the Australian market." I can't completely accept that their supply chains and suppliers for Australian market are not affiliated with the US suppliers and they're all made in China, Taiwan, or Korea or somewhere where the labour is cheap and they get economy of scale. It is just too suspect that the same issues of melting dashboards are happening for owners in the States as we are in Australia. I was quoted in excess of $1300 to fix my dashboard - so I guess the $700 is just for the dashboard part. There has to be something that Aurion owners with this problem can do - just as they have done in the US. The latest regarding the situation in the States is at this link: I have made a complaint to the ACCC last week after the Toyota email. The way that these things get action is when a lot of people band together and demand a solution. I don't mind getting the ball rolling - but I've struck little support in Australia. The journalist who assisted these people to get their dashboard replaced says that I should keep going - but I think that I need someone in the media who will expose this to get the attention of the majority of people. Do you or anyone else have any ideas that we could try?
  5. There is some good news for owners of sticky dashboards in the USA. I too have the same problem in Brisbane Australia. And won't stop the fight to have sticky dashboards replaced.
  6. So I have good news about the sticky dashboard situation. Toyota USA has agreed to replace sticky dashboards! Breaking news from the journalist that I have been communicating with in the US a few hours ago! I am still fighting for Oz!
  7. So I have good news about the sticky dashboard situation. Toyota USA has agreed to replace sticky dashboards! Breaking news from the journalist that I have been communicating with in the US a few hours ago! I am still fighting for Oz!
  8. I have read a previous thread about melting dashboards and I would like to share my situation. I live in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia and my 2007 Toyota Aurion ATX has the same sticky melted dashboard that others have written about. I am certain that this is an issue that Toyota globally do not want to do anything about unless enough people en-mass complain and keep complaining. I have taken it up with Toyota Corporate Australia. And I've taken it to be assessed at Kedron Sci Fleet Toyota dealership and the same response was given to me as to everyone else - It is out of the warranty period and Toyota won't be doing a thing. Even I know that this is not a warranty issue - it is a manufacture issue - there was no sign of it in the first 3 years. And my car is mostly parked in a garage. So it also has something to do with heat as well. I have driven Toyota vehicles all of my life and never have I had one that has done this. I intend to report this to the Dept Qld Fair Trading in the first instance. I've noticed that when there has been other global issues that got ignored the only way that seemed to get action is through the people and social media. I encourage anyone who has this issue with their dash to make it known on social media sites and through the authorities in your country. From the number of people who have told their stories about sticky dashboards - Toyota definitely know about this problem but hope that the problem goes away. Another Sci Fleet Toyota dealership tell me that they had 3 people bring in this same problem in the last fortnight. Toyota claims that it stands behind the quality of its vehicles - so I will do whatever it takes to make them live up to their quality reputation and to replace these sticky dashboards. Facebook page relating to this issue can be found here: