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  1. Hi Brand We haven't heard from you yet, still working on that review? I just want to know how the unit holds up after a few months, I know you've only had it for a 2 weeks. How has it been? Cheers
  2. Nice, congratz! With the reverse cameras there seems to be multiple options, how did you pick? how do you know which is best/latest. Nice, you installed it all yourself I assume. I'm wondering wether I'll do it myself or take it to someone. Cant wait for your review :)
  3. Hey Virg, I'm from Melbourne too, maybe all the people from Melbourne can go to the same person to get a cheaper price
  4. Hi, Yea I would like to join the group. Would you be able to elaborate on the 1st option of downloading offline maps. Like do you connect the unit via usb to a pc or download on Sd card and insert in the unit? or how do you do it? And would you be able to send me a link to the reverse camera I will need to get which is compatible with this unit, or can i get any reverse camera?
  5. I would be interested, Can you explain how you can install the offline navigation? Also it comes with a reverse camera option right? And is the GA5164 the latest model? Whats the D5164z?