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  1. That is awesome! Did you mean 3200? That is so beast! Ps how much is it to upgrade the alternator
  2. Why such a varied audio system? Rockford and alpine speakers together, how does it sound? How much power is going into it currently? I'm waiting for my second soundstream splx-152hf with another 1.3kw amp to bring the total sub power to 2600w rms. I do need a new battery and alternator. Do you know where would sell batteries that have really high output, like 700cca? I've had the car cut out while driving s few times from having it going too loud so I need to kinda get that sorted before I double the power output and ruin the car completely
  3. How did you go? Did it end up working? My kit is on the way and I guess any advice is better than none
  4. Just a post for numbers really. What type of audio setup is in your car? Ie, Sub, speakers, amp, sound deadening etc, how much did it set you back and give it a rating out of 10. I'll start I guess... I'm in the process of installing a soundstream 152hf sub running at 1300rms with type R 6" at the front and type R 6X9" at the back with full boot and door sound deadening. It's going to be running off a kenwood DDX4015BT double din deck. The sub I would rate at 8.5/10 as its from my old car, the speakers I have heard and I would give overall quality a 7 but for their price range, it's more like
  5. Just got a 2011 aurion touring. Looking to do a fairly long list of upgrades over the course of its life and based on what I've read in all the forums so far, it feels like I'll be right at home with other enthusiasts like myself.

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